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Founded in 2002, Lynxspring is changing way devices and systems communicate and collaborate across enterprises. Our technologies, solutions and services are enabling users to go further to manage and operate their facilities and equipment smarter, safer, securely, more efficiently, and at peak performance levels. We have changed the way control systems are built, secured and distributed.

Embracing open, interoperable platforms, we design, manufacture and distribute JENEsys®, JENEsysONE and LYNX CyberPRO brand Internet based automation and cyber security technology and edge-to-enterprise solutions for Building Automation, Energy Management, Cyber Threat and Security Protection, Equipment Control and other Specialty applications. Our technologies support true plug-and-play, multi-vendor interoperability, that simplifies the automation and information architecture across the entire enterprise and significantly lowers automation and information infrastructure costs.

Building Operation and Information Platform

Edge to Enterprise

Lynxspring’s JENEsys® platform is an open, unified, operational and informational platform that combines connectivity, integration and interoperability, supervision and control, energy management, visualization and actionable information (data & analytics) into a single, integrated architecture within a cyber-secured environment. The JENEsys® Platform is scalable and allows organizations to continually build off the same network deployment and add additional applications as desired.

JENEsys® connects, integrates and correlates data from building equipment, systems and edge devices and enables owners and operators to adopt a converged (i.e. common or shared) operating platform and IT infrastructure to achieve integration and operational efficiencies between multiple systems and devices supporting building management functions and business applications. It provides building owners, facility management and operators with an operating system from which to manage and understand how their buildings are performing with a common user interface for all systems, devices, data and manage Lynxspring technologies and services:

  • Meet the need for a strategic, general-purpose proprietary automation/information architecture built on open standards and platforms
  • Merge multi-vendor automation systems, Internet-enabled infrastructure and real-time enterprise integration into one single, scalable, extensible platform solution
  • Combine common network management services for both open standards devices and legacy products with a full-featured environment that blends the control system seamlessly with the enterprise information system
  • Increase the functionality and value of smart devices and systems
  • Enable the exchange of information and data extraction to help manage and control energy within buildings and run at optimal performance and energy efficiency



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