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Automating the Integration

Lynxspring’s JENEsys Harmony is designed for contractors and building owners to reduce project labor costs associated with commissioning and engineering complexity, multi-vendor, and legacy devices. JENEsys Harmony enhances the NiagaraAX® platform embedded in the JENEsys product line by automating the integration of all BACnet and LonWorks control devices into a JENE-PC series controller via templates that promote consistent, repeatable, and accurate results.

The standards contractors and building owners establish with JENEsys Harmony creates flexibility to add, upgrade, and manage new functionality to their existing building automation systems. Doing so enables building owners to take advantage of the efficiencies delivered through JENEsys’ web-enabled building automation command and control technologies and utilize energy analytics and exception reporting software applications to:

• Decrease complexity and the commissioning
   and engineering process
• Reduce installation costs
• Efficiently managed personnel and
   operations resources
• Deliver consistent, repeatable, and accurate results
• Improve your bottom line

Harmony extends the ‘standardization’ process of device and point commissioning to the enterprise.

• 3rd party software integration capabilities
• Future-proof templates are available for previous generation devices
• Consistent and repeatable device templates automate the discovery and commissioning of devices,
   regardless of manufacturer



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