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Chief Marketing & Communications Officer at Lynxspring, Inc.

At Lynxspring, Marc leads corporate/product marketing, brand management and communications that support the company’s strategic growth initiatives in the smart building and building automation industries.

A pioneer and industry thought leader in intelligent and IoT technologies, Marc has been recognized with several industry accolades, most notably including: Realcomm|IBcon 2021 Lifetime Achievement Award, an inductee to CTA’s Controls Automation Hall of Fame, and earned Realcomm’s Top 35 People to Watch for the last seven years in a row.

Marc is also an advisor to the Realcomm organization, serves on the Board of Directors for Project Haystack, is a contributing editor for and a contributor to ControlTrends’ ControlTalk Now.

Prior to joining Lynxspring, Marc was Vice-President of Global Marketing at Tridium, where he was instrumental in building the Niagara Framework into the platform and operating system of choice for the built environment.

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IP Edge Controllers


IP Edge Controllers

Over the last five years, we have seen a continued rise in Internet Protocol (IP) and edge computing. This shift shouldn’t be as surprising as IT and OT have come closer together in the built environment. This shift has also increased the use of IP Edge native controllers and the deployment of horizontal building architectures and topologies.

Regarding devices and equipment that can reside on the edge, several, such as RTUs, chillers, plant level controllers, meters, sub-meters, sensors, security cameras, field devices, and lighting, are all good examples.

IP Edge controllers deliver speed, latency reduction, scalability, security, bandwidth conservation, reduced operational costs, and more data that has the potential to provide enhanced insights and data governance. They also enable owners and operators to be reactive in real time to what is happening within their facilities.

Let’s look at some of the benefits and value delivered by IP Edge controllers.


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Driving Outcomes with Smarter Buildings


Driving Outcomes with Smarter Buildings

Smart buildings are amid the most transformative and compelling period we have seen over the last twenty-five years. New demands from the business and economic side of managing buildings have rewritten the rules. Suffice it to say that managing and operating buildings is also harder today than it has been in the past. And the hardest task of all is to incorporate an approach that includes specific identified outcomes combined with deciding what needs to be done now and what can wait.

The built environment is living up to the adage that the only constant is change. It continues to be a year of resilience and change—driven by new demands from the business and economic side of operating and managing buildings. While not all building type segments are going to be equal, some will continue to grow, while some will contract a bit.

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Data Automation

Data Automation Graphic

“Rapidly accelerating advances, in the way we are automating data and the recognized value of data, are changing what it means to be 'data-driven in the building environment.'"

Marc Petock

Data. It is transforming everything. It has changed how companies in every industry do business and manage performance. And it is no secret that data is the most valuable information in the smart building environment.

However, data can be bewildering and meaningless. When it comes to data, we need to move past “data drowning” and get to a point where we are automating the collecting, sorting, and exchanging critical information that directly correlates to improving our building operations and meeting business outcomes.

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October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month

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Cybersecurity is a priority at Lynxspring. We are committed to taking a strong leadership role in helping our partners maintain a strong cybersecurity posture.

Since 2004, October has been designated as Cybersecurity Awareness Month. While we should be thinking about cybersecurity every day, this month is a stark reminder that we need to continually protect ourselves and our assets. According to the World Economic Forum, cyber incidents rank alongside natural disasters and climate change as one of humanity’s top ten risks globally.

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Unlocking Smarter Solutions for Managing the Built Environment


Marc Petock, Lynxspring George Hawkinson, Burns & McDonnell, Richard Wendland, Burns & McDonnell

The built environment is increasingly dependent on sophisticated, connected controls for heating and air conditioning, energy management, lighting and many other systems. Unfortunately, many of these controls function in silos, with little interoperability and integration. A master systems integration strategy utilizing advanced controls platforms can give owners and operators the connectivity and access to the data they need to optimize operating costs, use energy more efficiently and address the pressing need to reduce carbon emissions.

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