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Chief Marketing & Communications Officer at Lynxspring, Inc.

At Lynxspring, Marc leads corporate/product marketing, brand management and communications that support the company’s strategic growth initiatives in the smart building and building automation industries.

A pioneer and industry thought leader in intelligent and IoT technologies, Marc has been recognized with several industry accolades, most notably including: Realcomm|IBcon 2021 Lifetime Achievement Award, an inductee to CTA’s Controls Automation Hall of Fame, and earned Realcomm’s Top 35 People to Watch for the last seven years in a row.

Marc is also an advisor to the Realcomm organization, serves on the Board of Directors for Project Haystack, is a contributing editor for and a contributor to ControlTrends’ ControlTalk Now.

Prior to joining Lynxspring, Marc was Vice-President of Global Marketing at Tridium, where he was instrumental in building the Niagara Framework into the platform and operating system of choice for the built environment.

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October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Own IT. Secure IT. Protect IT.

Here is my annual reminder: October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM 2019). Held every October, NCSAM is a collaborative effort between government and industry to raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity. Nowhere is this more important than within the built environment.

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The Edge: The New Building Mindset

The past several years has demonstrated that device connections to buildings continue on an upward climb, delivering undeniable value to building owners, operators and now occupants alike. The rate of change can be attributed not only to diverse technologies but also changes driven by connectivity, data, increased business outcomes and expectations. For most, it is no longer a matter of “should we?” but “why aren’t we and when will we?”

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Lynxspring Announces New Fully Programmable JENEsys® Edge™ Controller

Lynxspring, Inc. (, a premier developer and provider of open, software and hardware platforms for smart buildings and device-to-enterprise integration and applications, today announced the availability of a new, fully programmable edge-to-enterprise controller, the JENEsys® Edge™ 514 Controller, enabling IP connectivity, integration, interoperability, data access and control at the edge.

Part of Lynxspring’s portfolio of JENEsys Edge products, the JENEsys Edge 514 Controller, with 14 I/Os, offers more flexibility with the full features of the Niagara Framework®, creating a superior edge device for the smart building and equipment ecosystem. The 514 Edge Controller can be easily tailored to specific applications, allowing easy application programming, selection and configuration. Built with fully programmable and licensed Niagara software, the 514 Edge Controller works with the Niagara programming tools, Workbench and Fox Protocol, and easily connects to a Niagara Supervisor, an Enterprise and the Cloud.

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E2E (Edge-to-Enterprise) Interview

These controllers enable users to manage and control closer to where the data actually is whether it be equipment, a single facility or a multi-site environment.

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New Products from Lynxspring

Lynxspring's Robert Hirsch sharing products on display at Haystack Connect 2019:

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