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Chief Marketing & Communications Officer at Lynxspring, Inc.

At Lynxspring, Marc leads corporate/product marketing, brand management and communications that support the company’s strategic growth initiatives in the smart building and building automation industries.

A pioneer and industry thought leader in intelligent and IoT technologies, Marc has been recognized with several industry accolades, most notably including: Realcomm|IBcon 2021 Lifetime Achievement Award, an inductee to CTA’s Controls Automation Hall of Fame, and earned Realcomm’s Top 35 People to Watch for the last seven years in a row.

Marc is also an advisor to the Realcomm organization, serves on the Board of Directors for Project Haystack, is a contributing editor for and a contributor to ControlTrends’ ControlTalk Now.

Prior to joining Lynxspring, Marc was Vice-President of Global Marketing at Tridium, where he was instrumental in building the Niagara Framework into the platform and operating system of choice for the built environment.

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A Blast from the Past

Here is a piece I did back in the day, February 2012.  How much of the article is still relevant today? How much is the same? How much has changed?  I know my answers, what’s yours?

An Intelligent Building Is........
Some people collect comics; some art. Some collect sports memorabilia, others, coins. I could go on. I collect intelligent building definitions. Not really, but I thought I'd share some of the definitions I have managed to collect over the years I have been out pitching the value and benefits of smart, intelligent buildings.

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JENEsys® Edge™ Recognized

The editors of Buildings Magazine have named the JENEsys® Edge™ line of controllers as one of their 11 Building Automation & Energy Management Product Winners of 2019

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Is 2019 the Year of Truth for the Built Environment?

man facing the choice of multiple doors he can walk through

The built environment has been changing dramatically over the past five years. Technology shifts along with changing value propositions are making an impact on how we operate and manage our smart buildings. Our dialogue is no longer about the potential—rather it is about the reality of economics through driving operational value and business outcomes. The business of smart, connected commercial buildings and facilities has moved beyond the unknown and into the new era of real and relevant.

2019 will surely be another transformative year, not only in terms of technology, but also in a fundamental shift in the conversation driven by digital transformation, connected data and new mindsets.

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New Lynxspring VAV Controllers

vav controllers

New Niagara based, smart VAV controllers from Lynxspring going through testing and their paces at our test facility.

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Caught My Attention

One of the biggest change agents we’ve seen over the last few years has been the emergence of more flexible, open workplaces from traditional office spaces. With this change has come the importance of the occupant experience—the workplace environment and its effect on overall occupant productivity and wellness.

We have come to understand there are new ways of looking at comfort, productivity, and the utilization of space. We are creating better spaces that promote employee well-being and healthy environments that are responsive and engaging to the people who work in them. In addition, we are coming to realize the health and well-being of occupants isn’t just the purview of human resources anymore. Owners, operators, facilities managers all play an important role in ensuring that employees who work in their buildings are healthy, happy and active.

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