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End-Users and Project Haystack

End-Users and Project Haystack

Buildings and facilities can achieve superior performance by extracting insights from data. When it comes to data, it is one thing to have access to data, it’s another to make it actionable.

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The Customer Experience

customer experience gauge

In September I wrote an article titled Has Customer Service for All Our Great Technology Caught Up With the Technology

The focus of the article was about how technology has advanced to make our business and personal lives easier, however, the customer experience and customer service supporting all the great technology we have at our disposal has not kept paced.

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What’s On Your Mind in 2016?

As we are now well into 2016, many have speculated what the top trends will be. I look at it a bit differently; I look at it as to what issues are on the minds within the C-suite? What is keeping us on our toes in trying to keep pace with the business’ needs of our organizations and the market? Let’s face it, there are always unknowns, but every business has to address a variety concerns to ensure continued growth and success.

While all of us have our thoughts, I believe there are a few we all are thinking about (or should be thinking about) no matter what type of business we’re in. In no particular order:

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October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month

cyber security awareness

We all know we live in a world that is more connected than ever before and that our systems and equipment that run our buildings are no exception. Networked building management systems bring many benefits but can expose organizations to cyber security issues.

Recognizing the importance of cyber security, October has been designated National Cyber Security Awareness Month. As a reminder, I thought I would provide links previous articles on the subject I did for

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Cyber Security Unawareness; It is No Longer an Option

cyber security unawareness

In 2012 I began talking about cyber security related to our building control and facility systems and how this was one of the most important issues facing our industry. Since then we have seen cyber security incidents and vulnerabilities continue to be common and pose a global threat – no region or company is immune.

News of a cyber incident is nearly an everyday occurrence, while the scope and long-term damage associated with cyber incidents are escalating and at times, appear to not end. Take Target for example, we all know about the cyber incident that took place, yet the company is still dealing with ramifications---paying $67 million to Visa; $19 million to Mastercard; several on-going lawsuits; still trying to recover from a major hit to its brand and a loss in customer confidence.

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