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What's in Store This Year?

January is a time for many to reinvent themselves through the time-honored tradition of New Year's resolutions. I look at it as a time to refresh. And when it comes to our industry, it’s a time to see what’s ahead and refresh.

Regardless if you are a manufacturer, system integrator, building owner, facility manager, engineer, contractor, one thing is for sure, change is going to be constant and the promise of more change is instore. The way we interact with technology has changed dramatically in recent years – and is still changing.

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Data Management Planning

“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.”
 -- Mike Tyson

We all know that data is power; knowledge is king. As clichéd as it may seem, these sayings cut to the chase in today’s data driven world. Organizations want to do more with the vast amount equipment and device data they have at their disposal. And do it effectively, efficiently and within a reasonable timeframe. However, it’s not just simple analysis we seek, it’s the power to unlock all the right data with ease and efficiency and to actually do something with it.

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Change Agents Impacting Building & Facility Management

Change Agents Impacting Building and Facility Management

“Change, you know, has a subtle quality. It comes upon you quietly. It creeps, and you continue to pleasantly operate based on old and comfortable assumptions and premises until suddenly, change explodes opportunity in front of you. And you are totally unequipped to deal with it because your ways of thinking, your concepts, your techniques, are all geared to an age that is no more!” - Author Unknown

At points in our lives, we encounter things or experiences that strongly impact – and even alter the way we act, the way we think our choices and preferences. Whether we see them coming or are taken by surprise, in hindsight we realize that these “change agents” led us to a way of thinking or doing something that might have otherwise passed us by. Without them, we’d be going about our lives as is.

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The Edge is Here. It’s Here Now. Part 2 Analytics & Learned Actions Move to the Edge

The Edge Is Here. And It's Here Now.

In a previous post, I wrote about how the Edge and edge devices are contributing to a significant shift in the way we are acquiring information, interacting with it, and making decisions.

Continuing this theme, this evolution has been enabled, in large part, by rapid advances in lower-cost controllers, open source software, powerful processors -and the world of IoT. This combination is also changing our BAS landscape to support a decentralized architecture where analytic processing can be done at the edge. This evolution is also changing the execution of analytics and machine learning's location.

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Another JENEsys® Edge™ 534 and Onyxx® XM 34IO Deployment

 JENEsys® Edge™ 534 and Onyxx® XM 34IO

Here is another JENEsys Edge 534 and Onyxx XM 34IO in their new home - a winery to process low temp cooling, heating and pumping systems seamlessly. The system integrates boilers, chillers, VFDs and mixing systems.

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