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The Built Environment in 2019

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As another year approaches, many will speculate what the built environment will be. While it is never easy to predict with certainty what is likely to happen, I believe as we prepare for 2019, we are in the golden age of advancement in building automation innovation.

The pace at which technology and innovation has impacted the commercial buildings industry over the past several years has been unprecedented. The proliferation of more powerful connected devices, IoT, the increase in the use of sensors, the ability to capture data from different sources, the increased use of advanced analytics, have created an exponential rise in the volume, velocity, and adoption of these systems. It has also produced a multitude of new choices.

Our challenge is not technology—it is here, and it is proven—but, rather, it is the willingness and preparation to take advantage of it.

Regardless if you are a technology provider, system integrator, building owner, facility manager, engineer, or contractor, it has never been a more exciting time for the built environment. After years of being over-shadowed, smart building technology is in the spotlight.

The technology has matured with the emergence of open platforms, interchangeable hardware and a horde of applications. The transition to smart buildings is now about much more than energy efficiency. It is vital not only to the operation of a building, but occupant well-being and the growth of an organization.


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