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The Workplace. Post COVID

The workplace, post-COVID.  What will it look like? How will it function? How must it operate? How will occupants interact with it? The pandemic has forced workplaces to re-evaluate the role of offices within their company structure.

As companies redesign their workplaces and the convergence of the operational side with the workplace management side continues to occur, the role of offices in creating safe, productive, and enjoyable experiences for occupants is a well-planned reimagination which can generate improved collaboration and productivity, an increased focus on sustainability, lower operating costs, trust, and smarter buildings.

As the world continues to explore bringing occupants back to their offices, we must ensure workplaces continue to be productive and safe. While we continue to question our long-held assumptions about how work should be conducted and the role of the office, one thing is certain, the workplace experience is not going to remain the same as it was before the pandemic.

Here is a good listen from NPR on what the office of the future will look like from a prominent architect.  Hope you find it as interesting as I did.