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Data and Building Automation

Data and Building Automation

Accessing data from existing building automation systems is critical to any smart building project. The advent of standardized protocols have taken us from the initial challenge of connectivity to our equipment systems to the new frontier of data management and the end to end processes involved in effectively utilizing our data. Challenges remain in the areas of data collection, processing and integration of data from diverse systems and devices. Add to this, the techniques and methodologies for managing, presenting, analyzing and deriving value from this data.

Building automation architecture is continuing to flatten as more devices directly connect to networks and edge devices are becoming more intelligent. These devices are performing data aggregation, data integration, and routing directly to other devices and value added applications. Today’s devices are equipped with faster processors, more memory, a selection of connectivity and capacity options to support a variety of applications with the ability to go beyond simple connectivity to include configuration, management, data storage and device-level application enablement.

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7 Impact Drivers Driving Todays Commercial Real Estate, Buildings and Facilities

iot (internet of things) illustration

I recently participated in a leadership discussion for corporate real estate executives and building owners and operators. As part of my talk, I discussed 7 Impact Drivers that are driving today’s commercial real estate, buildings and facilities. Here are excerpts from this discussion.

DX-Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is continuing to change and reshape our business world. Just as the industrial revolution revolutionized entire sectors of the economy, so is digital transformation. It is changing the landscape in which buildings operate today and will continue to do so.

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Another Look at IoT

internet of things (iot)

With all the customer and partner discussions I’ve had over the past many months along with our company’s product development path, one thing has become clear, IoT is here and it’s a journey.

IoT is having a real impact by changing how products and solutions are created, refined, serviced and delivered. It is changing the way we operate our businesses and the way of doing business. IoT is changing how customers see the businesses they do business with. And from a digital transformation perspective, IoT is pulling together people, systems, and things at a rate we have never experienced before.

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The Customer Experience

customer experience gauge

In September I wrote an article titled Has Customer Service for All Our Great Technology Caught Up With the Technology

The focus of the article was about how technology has advanced to make our business and personal lives easier, however, the customer experience and customer service supporting all the great technology we have at our disposal has not kept paced.

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Commercial Real Estate Optimism

ender user building manager

Hugo Moreno, Contributor to Forbes Insights provides some interesting insights on optimism from commercial real estate executives on the general state of the market:

Some key findings from a Forbes Insight study commissioned by CIT on the U.S. Commercial Real Estate--just over 60% of executives surveyed characterize their current market posture as opportunistic; most believe that the influx of technologies is revolutionizing the industry with executives agreeing the benefits are clear however, despite this, many are slow to adopt, with only 11% of respondents rating themselves as “leading edge” when it comes to technology implementation.

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