Retail Building Management

Indoor Shopping Mall or Retail Center with Multiple Levels

In many cases, these systems and equipment function as individual silos, unable to interoperate and share usage data that when utilized properly, provide the whole picture of how operational resources are expended. This complexity makes it more difficult to take advantage of the information existing control systems provide and results in poorly managed building systems, wasted resources and higher operational expenses.

Operating and managing today’s retail stores are being driven by performance, financial optimization and the customer experience. The rising cost of energy and maintenance, financial pressures to contain costs and the need to provide customer comfort and cyber security are all contributing to how we must control and maintain our retail facilities.

Retail facilities are equipped with a wide range of systems and devices that control HVAC, energy management, lighting, security and more. The integration and interoperability between these systems is critical in maximizing operations, lowering costs and achieving the customer experience demanded in today’s dynamic retail environment. The challenge of getting these diverse systems that speak many different protocols to connect and communicate with each other and to the enterprise has been an enormous barrier. That is until now.

Industry Characteristics

  • Convenience stores, boutiques, small restaurants, and cafes.
  • Multi-site consisting of central management and stores spread across multiple locations
  • Located in shopping centers, at a single site or campus-style installation with multiple buildings or shops at the same site.

Business Value

  • Preserve existing system investments and integrate them with new open, standards-based technologies
  • Provide access and control of all your facility operating systems
  • Combine information from different systems to support better overall facility operational performance and energy management
  • Enable you to specify systems and applications from multiple vendors, thereby reducing the potential for vendor lock-in
  • Operate in a cyber-secured environment


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