Building System Integrators

Exec Team working on System Integration

Automation and Control system integrators have long served the building automation and energy management industry as the technical and mechanical specialists who bridge the gap between people and the systems, equipment, software used by today’s facilities.

For building owners and operators, the systems, equipment and automation software packages are all essential to a successful process – but it is the integrator who gets everything to work together and help achieve the ROI.

In today’s environment, standalone, single-source, locked-in system designs are out and the multi-vendor, fully integrated, open systems are in. When building operators investigate options for new projects, the most sought-after benefits are:

  • Open
  • Multi-vendor interoperability
  • Flexibility
  • Future-proofing
  • Sustainable design
  • Convergence
  • Easy, rapid deployment
  • Secured
  • Value Add

Lynxspring’s technology portfolio of hardware and software solutions, services and expert support enables system integrators to provide their clients an efficient means of controlling and managing all aspects of the built environment and create cost-effective controls solutions for managing all aspects of buildings' environmental systems.

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