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Lynxspring embraces open communication platforms and multi-vendor interoperability that support data exchange between smart devices and systems--key tenets of intelligent efficiency in buildings. By employing an open philosophy, Lynxspring’s technologies simplify the automation and information architectures across the enterprise which significantly lowers the cost of network expansion and simplifies the addition of new functionality.

The technology behind Lynxspring’s solutions combines common network management services for both open standards devices and legacy products with a full-featured environment that blends the control system seamlessly with the enterprise information system. The result is a multi-vendor supported automation system with real-time enterprise integration into one single, scalable, extensible platform solution.

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This brochure provides a broad overview of Lynxspring's controllers from a variety of product lines, including JENEsys, JENEsys Edge, Onyxx, and Onyxx LX. 


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E2E Edge to Enterprise by Lynxspring logo

Intelligent Equipment. Smart Devices. Smart Systems.

Our inter-connected, IoT (Internet of Things) world is increasingly populated with smart equipment, systems and devices. As this continues, the rise of connected devices and greater connected intelligence is taking place.

Lynxspring has created E2E (Edge-to-Enterprise), a model for smart system solutions, smart devices, intelligent equipment and Cloud service delivery across key market segments and business verticals. Embracing open, interoperable IoT-based software and hardware platforms, Lynxspring offers solutions built on the Onyxx™ and Helixx™ and JENEsys®.

JENEsys by Lynxspring logo

The JENEsys® Intelligent Building Operating System, built on the Niagara Framework, is streamlining all areas: building operation, maintenance management, energy management, and facility usage and technology management, and addresses these challenges by delivering a proven solution for interoperability and efficiency whether it is small or large institution or campus environment.

JENEsys Edge by Lynxspring logo

JENEsys Edge® products are a new generation of controllers combining the Niagara Framework® with Lynxspring's Onyxx® platform. JENEsys Edge® combines a controller, gateway and web server duties all into a single device - putting Niagara at the Edge with real-time control.

Helixx by Lynxspring logo

Helixx® is a continuous innovation software framework and end-to-end IoT development platform that simplifies connectivity, communications, device management, equipment/sensor data management and the development of applications to monitor, manage and control equipment and devices. Providing all the capabilities needed for the server-side of an IoT architecture and reference components for the device layer, Helixx has been designed for functional configuration that ties everything together for rapid development and deployment and has all the features needed to connect, control, analyze, protect and manage devices and equipment for the Internet of Things. The Helixx stack, brings advanced capabilities of open source together within a secured environment to deliver connectivity, data collection, analytics and control in real-time to device-to-Cloud, device-to-device and to the edge of a network.

Onyxx by Lynxspring logo

Onyxx® is an embedded edge platform consisting of a family of modular, open, hardware, bridges and gateways supporting multiple devices across key market segments, edge to enterprise and Cloud applications. Designed for use in operational and IoT environments with the Lynxspring Smart Module™, you can easily implement device data collection, exchange and management capabilities, API management, a rules engine, event notification and data storage within a secured environment. The Onyxx platform provides a selection of connectivity and capacity options to support a variety of applications and configurations.


Onyxx LX by Lynxspring logo

The Onyxx LX® product line delivers connectivity, visualization, and control for commercial buildings. Today’s buildings demand simple integration across systems, equipment, and devices using BACnet, and these devices address this growing market. Onyxx LX continues Lynxspring’s product strategy of helping customers achieve their delivery of automation and integration solutions for quick ROI, long-term scalability and reliability.


Connexxion by Lynxspring logo

Lynxspring Connexxion® is a secure and scalable foundation on which to deploy cloud based data management applications for connected equipment and systems; configured and administered using simple browser-based interfaces or via Web services.

Developed with scalability from the very beginning, the Lynxspring Connexxion has been built to handle demand when and where needed with both wired and wireless secured access. With tagging, data modeling, a rules engine and logic included application migration to is easy and can be done without changes to the underlying design of the application.


Powered by Niagara Framework logo

The Niagara Framework® enables for the connection, integration and normalization of diverse and dispersed devices and equipment into a common environment and supports multiple embedded platforms making it easy to build on rather than starting from scratch.

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