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Connexxion® by Lynxspring

Connexxion®, is a data management and visualization engine that combines edge and Cloud data extraction, aggregation, normalization, tagging, integration, rules and application management for real-time, operational and energy information analytics.

Connexxion leverages data from all your sources into a single management and visualization platform so you can analyze, monitor and control data and analytics in real-time.

Using Connexxion, disparate data sources are transformed and unified, technologies are integrated, heterogeneous networks are bridged, legacy and best in class technologies are seamless integrated, and stakeholder centric applications are rapidly deployed.

The Connexxion platform provides a complete suite of services and APIs to capture data from disparate sources such as data lakes, weather services, utilities, IoT devices, Building Automation Systems, and CMMS systems:

  • Haystack compliant API (Haystack API)
  • JSON compliant API (CX API)
  • Data ingestion and synchronization supporting Haystack and CSV
  • Data export supporting Haystack, CSV, Excel, Zinc and JSON
  • Weather data ingestion
  • Utility data ingestion
  • Analytics engine - SkySpark® by SkyFoundry
  • Reporting engine
  • Alerting engine
  • Data quality management (missing, failed and data error)
  • Project creation and management
  • User creation and management
  • Databases management
  • Interface support for other Analytic Dashboards including: DGLux, Apache Spark, Tableau, IBM Watson

Connexxion eases the challenge of integrating data from diverse systems, devices and multiple formats to effectively normalize analyze, visualize, and derive value from the data and give users the ability to simply and efficiently deploy intelligent energy practices to make real-time decisions and data-driven calculations about the ongoing energy and operational performance of any building.

Connexxion combines the core functionalities of IT and OT along with Haystack tagging and data modeling and restful APIs and is compatible with any application. Connexxion combines the Cloud, connectivity, data extraction and collection, integration and application management for real-time, operational and energy information generated from building systems, equipment and enterprise management applications.

Connexxion drives outcomes by enabling users to capitalize on accurate and concise data relating to the performance of facilities, building systems and equipment assets, all within a cyber-secure and user-friendly dashboard environment. Connexxion seamlessly engages the stakeholders across multiple domains, and supports the integration of disparate solutions into a single, coherent energy management environment giving users the ability to manage performance, identify faults or abnormalities. It enables users to simply and efficiently deploy smart energy practices such as analytics, KPIs, automatic demand response, alerts, fault detection and predictive outcomes to make real-time decisions and data driven calculations about the ongoing energy and operational performance of any building.


Connectivity Yes Connect to Third Party Data Yes
Data Normalization Yes Support for Multi-Applications Yes
Connection to Disparate Systems Yes Benchmarking Yes
Advanced Analytics Engine Yes FDD Yes
Access to Actionable Data Yes M&V Yes
Integrated Analytics Yes Alarms and Alerts Yes
Secured Data Capture & Exchange Yes Tagging and data modeling Yes
Build on IT Framework and Standards Yes Flexible Engagement Models Yes
Data Aggregation Yes Cloud to Cloud Yes

Connexxion Architecture

Connexxion Diagram

Connexxion is an SaaS or Enterprise platform that gives you the ability to simply and efficiently deploy a new generation of third-party smart building applications such as analytics, measurement and verification, fault detection and diagnostics, and predictive maintenance.

Over the past decade, enterprise data solutions have revolutionized how organizations manage finances, supply chains, sales and labor, but little if anything has addressed how they use and value energy in relation to managing their core business. Connexxion provides a cost-effective Operational and Energy Intelligence Solution that enhances an Enterprise’s profitability and improves their ability to achieve corporate energy, sustainability and operational goals.


  • Provide an energy and building operational data warehouse and analytics engine
  • Provide a hardware normalization layer that streamlines the integration into facilities
  • Enable the integration of third party application solutions
  • Enable the injection of operational and energy data into the corporate business intelligence layer
  • Create an open architecture that facilitates the creation of custom applications
  • Engage the key stakeholders across the facility, energy, and business domains
  • Create a scalable, secure solution with flexible deployment models


  • Fully compatible with existing infrastructure
  • Data ownership belongs with you
  • Integrated security
  • Open source data structure
  • Built-in tagging and semantic data modeling (Project Haystack)
  • Support for both currently available and future applications
  • Integration into Corporate IT management systems
  • Open APIs


For a fully integrated energy management platform, there are a number of technical domains that must be integrated for a comprehensive solution to be effective. These domains can be broadly broken into the three general categories: facility, energy, and business domains, respectively. The integration of these domains creates significant challenges:

  • Different skill sets
  • Different language and performance indicators
  • Different technologies

These issues create strong domain impedance that has, in large measure, resulted in the proliferation of closed-point solutions in the market. However, Connexxion is an operational and energy management platform that can seamlessly engage the stakeholders across the multiple domains, and support the integration of heretofore-disparate point solution into a single coherent energy management environment. Such a solution provides significant advantages:

  • Consolidate existing point solutions under a set of corporate energy policies
  • Guarantee early adoption and long-term success of sustainability initiatives
  • Enable customers to scale the solution to match their current level of sophistication

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