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The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing our world, including our development and strategies for buildings, equipment, devices and applications.

IoT is contributing to a significant shift in the way people acquire information, interact with each other, and make decisions. It is enabling us to expand our reach to a range of devices that can gather and analyze physical data and react to that data in a variety of applications that we’ve never seen before.
The Internet of Things is enabling us to move from connected devices to connected intelligence; it is allowing us to redistribute and process data independently at the edge device level and within the Cloud enabling real-time decision making at the network edge.

Today’s market leaders understand that the value of connecting equipment and the collection of accurate data for driving cost-savings, increased customer satisfaction, brand differentiation, and increased revenues. This transformation from isolated systems to Internet-enabled equipment and devices that can network and communicate with each other and with the Cloud is generating unprecedented opportunities for new services, enhanced productivity and efficiency, improved real-time decision making and innovative user experiences. Central to this is the ability to securely connect, interact and integrate equipment and sensor data with core business systems, and applications and turn this data into smart data that is valuable and can easily be accessed and securely used. Additionally, we need to provide tools, APIs, and a foundation to rapidly build and commercialize new applications.

Lynxspring has created Lynxspring E2E (Edge-to-Enterprise) for IoT systems and services delivery that addresses the management of intelligent devices at the edge, in the network and up into the cloud.E2E is an edge-to-enterprise ecosystem for the Internet of Things that is enabling true collaboration between smart systems, smart devices, intelligent equipment and Cloud services.

Specifically built for today’s IoT environment, E2E provides all the backend services needed to create valuable business applications. With a focus on performance and reliability, E2E is specifically designed and engineered for the most demanding enterprise solutions.

E2E consist of an IP protocol Stack, core building blocks, hardware, applications, connection options and Cloud Services based on an open source software operating system environment and supported by a family of secured, open, embedded hardware and gateways. E2E delivers a robust ecosystem for edge computing capabilities via a single, portable control platform and supports a variety of applications for all types of equipment and devices and the flexibility of open source with additional value strengths including common APIs, development tools, open source access and open hardware platforms and a development ecosystem.

Lynxspring E2E Features:

Intelligence at the Edge
Agile & Modular
Connect to Any Device and Data Source
Command and Control
Deployment Independence & Flexibility
Open API's

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