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E2E Fact Sheet

Lynxspring's E2E is an end-to-end solution for property owners, operators, and system integrators that efficiently optimizes the operation and management of buildings within an enterprise and multi-site building environment portfolio.

Built on an interoperable automation control framework, E2E seamlessly brings together edge device-level connectivity, middleware integration, and Cloud-based data curation, tagging, normalization, exchange, and a central storage repository.

E2E combines an IP protocol stack and an independent data layer (IDL) infrastructure into one unified platform with a common enterprise user interface including connected Edge devices (controllers and Lynxspring's own E2E Data Connector), and incorporating applications such as analytics, work order management, Environmental impact and more.

Translating facility operational and equipment data into actionable information, E2E addresses key KPIs and delivers data-driven insights that help facility, operations and corporate management deliver optimal workplace experiences, efficiencies, savings and outcomes.

E2E provides everything you need to deploy and experience the value of a smart, connected facility enterprise including:

  • Lynxspring's Edge Enabled® Controllers:  a portfolio of IP programmable building and equipment controllers, devices, sensors, connectors, and gateways.

  • The Niagara Framework®:  built on the industry's leading open, automation, integration building framework.

  • Lynxspring's Connexxion®:  Cloud-based independent data layer solution for data collection, curation, normalization, modeling, tagging, storage, API integration and management, enabling real-time operational, energy and facility analytics.

  • Open Platforms:  built with access to leading Cloud and REST APIs supporting multiple applications, drivers, and protocols such as analytics, work order management, FDD, predictive/preventative maintenance, remote monitoring, network monitoring, and occupant experience apps.

Lynxspring E2E Features:

Open API Integration
Middleware Integration
Device Level Connectivity
Cloud-Based Data Curation/
IP Protocol Stack/
Independent Data Layer (IDL)
Edge Enabled Controllers
Built on Niagara Framework


JENEsys Edge Connector

The JENEsys Edge Connector resides within the OS and is written into the firmware enabling it to come standard on every device within Lynxspring’s JENEsys Edge product portfolio including the JENEsys Edge 534, 514, 414, 434, and VAV. The JENEsys Edge Connector can connect to the Connexxion Cloud in a one-to-one relationship or in multiples in a building. Each device has its own profile enabling an edge to Cloud connection over MQTT/TCP.

Use Case Applications: Perfect as an equipment controller or a small building controller (i.e., convenience store).

JENEsys Niagara Connector

The JENEsys Niagara Connector is a licensed Niagara Service that works with a Lynxspring JENEsys PC8000 and JENEsys PC9000 installed by a licensed Niagara-certified BAS technician. Exclusively available from Lynxspring, the Niagara Connector is backwards compatible with our supported Niagara software versions. The JENEsys Niagara Connector connects to the Connexxion Cloud in a one-to-one relationship.

Use Case Applications: Perfect in a larger building such as a commercial office building, industrial plant, or a larger school.

JENEsys Platform Connector

The JENEsys Edge Platform Connector is equipped to consolidate traffic of multiple Niagara instances in the same building and allows for a single point of exit for multiple devices. For example: a building with ten Edge devices could all point to one platform connector to route data to Connexxion.

Use Case Applications: Perfect for multiple instances of RTUs, AHUs, Chillers, Boilers.





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