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Lynxspring's Vertical Solutions

Increasing productivity, efficiency, and maximizing the use of available resources are the main goals of any organization. Disparate systems have converged and are becoming complex and integrated, and this often results in overlooked efficiency strategies and an increased risk of network security breaches.

Lynxspring’s technology drives outcomes by empowering users to deploy optimal energy and facility operational strategies, capitalize on accurate and concise intelligence relating to the performance of their facilities, reduce energy consumption and costs, gain knowledge of individual usage and trends related to their facilities, building systems, and equipment assets; all within a cyber-secure and user-friendly environment.

Commercial Building Management in the Palm of Your Hand


JENEsys® Smart Grow Solutions streamline all areas of your operations—maintenance, lighting control and energy management—providing interoperability and integration whether it is a small grow room or large agricultural grow environment.



Commercial Building Management in the Palm of Your Hand


Operating and managing today’s office buildings are being driven by facility usage and performance, financial optimization, business intelligence and operational maximization. The rising cost of energy and maintenance, financial pressures to contain costs and the need to provide multiple occupant comfort levels and ensure safety and cyber security are all contributing to how we must control and maintain our buildings.



Connecting Education Facility Resources


Facility and operational managers in the educational built environment experience a unique set of challenges when it comes to managing their facility operations and the numerous systems and equipment that run their buildings. For many educational intuitions and school districts, facility operations and maintenance represents one of the largest operating expenses.


Energy Management


With energy costs adding up to 40% of the total operating costs for the average commercial facility and costs continuing to rise, managing and controlling energy utilization and efficiency in buildings has both financial and environmental consequences. So it’s critical for building owners and facility operators to operate and manage their buildings as efficiently as they can.



Financial and Banks building automation controls


Lynxspring’s building management solutions for financial/banking facilities is ideal for multi-site deployments across hundreds and thousands of sites enabling secure collection and transfer of data between multiple security, monitoring, lighting, and HVAC systems. Our technologies address key performance indicators (KPIs), optimal workflows and energy efficiency, delivering data-driven insights to facility managers and corporate management.


Healthcare Facility Management


In the healthcare industry, facilities represent the second largest operating expense (after personnel) and the largest use of capital. Well-maintained health care facilities are important for safe and efficient patient care.




Retail Building Management


In an industry with thin profit margins, the challenges managing retail facilities are only increasing. Retail facility managers experience a unique set of challenges when it comes to balancing customer experience and retention with controlling facility operations and managing the numerous systems and equipment that operate their buildings.


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