E2E for Enterprise and Multi-site

Lynxspring Enterprise and Multi-Site Solutions


Facility operating costs can make up almost 1/3 of an organization’s overhead. With that type of expense at stake, it is essential for today’s commercial buildings to replace siloed systems with systems that are connected, smart, integrated and interoperable.

Lynxspring’s Edge-to-Enterprise (E2E) for Enterprise and Multi-sites is a turn-key smart building solution that connects, accesses and translates operational and facility data from devices and equipment into actionable information. Information that can save energy, increase efficiency, and reduce operating costs while maintaining a higher level of comfort for occupants.

Our E2E solutions consist of hardware and software combined with engineering, deployment and professional services. It’s everything you need to deploy and experience the value and business outcomes of a smart facility enterprise including connectivity, integration, interoperability, automation, command and control, data access and normalization, analytics and Cloud services.

handLynxspring’s E2E solutions are fully customizable and provide a variety of functions for your entire enterprise and multiple locations.


The benefits of our E2E solutions include:

  • Designed Specifically for Enterprise and Multi-Site Operations
  • Professional Services Team to Assist in Deployment
  • Simplified Architecture with Single Solution for Multiple Systems
  • Shared Dashboard Visibility/Management of Control Systems
  • Powerful Data Ingestion, Collection and Analytics Engine
  • Accurate and Real-Time Data
  • Manage Enterprise Schedules, Setpoints and Alarms
  • Normalized and Tagged Data
  • Meets IT Standards .

E2E for Enterprise and Multi-sites integrates with existing cloud services like Google or AWS, or it can leverage Connexxion,  Lynxspring’s innovative data management and visualization platform for real-time, operational and energy information analytics.

This all results in solutions that give you the data and control to manage and operate your facility more efficiently, save energy, reduce cost, achieve business outcomes and add value to your building assets.

Smart Technology. Smart Equipment. Smart Solutions.




JENEsys by Lynxspring Logo


Powered by the Niagara Framework®, JENEsys® is a unified building operating system designed for the commercial built and intelligent building space. Combining connectivity, integration and interoperability, supervision and control, energy management, visualization, and actionable information (data & analytics) into a single architecture within a cyber-secured environment, JENEsys provides building owners and operators with freedom of choice and puts themin control of their facilities

JENEsys Edge by Lynxspring Logo

JENEsys Edge®

JENEsys Edge® products are a new generation of controllers combining the Niagara Framework® with Lynxspring's Onyxx® platform. JENEsys Edge combines a controller, gateway, and web server duties all into a single device—taking Niagara to the edge with real-time control.

Onyxx by Lynxspring


Onyxx® is an embedded edge platform consisting of a family of modular, open, hardware, bridges, and gateways supporting multiple devices across key market segments, edge-to-enterprise, and Cloud applications. Designed for use in operational and IP, you can easily implement device data collection, exchange, and management capabilities, API management, a rules engine, event notification, and data storage within a secured environment.

Onyxx LX by Lynxspring - bacnet controllers


Onyxx® LX product line delivers connectivity, visualization, and control for commercial buildings. Today’s buildings demand simple integration across systems, equipment, and devices using BACnet, and these devices address this growing market. Onyxx LX continues Lynxspring’s product strategy of helping customers achieve their delivery of automation and integration solutions for quick ROI, long-term scalability, and reliability.

Connexxion by Lynxspring


Connexxion® is a data management and visualization engine that combines edge and Cloud data extraction, aggregation, normalization, tagging, integration, rules, and application management for real-time, operational, and energy information analytics.

Connexxion leverages data from all your sources into a single management and visualization platform so you can analyze, monitor, and control data and analytics in real-time.

 Powered by Niagara framework Logo


The Niagara Framework® enables the connection, normalization, integration, and interoperability of diverse devices and equipment into a common environment; supports multiple embedded platforms, and merges multi-vendor systems and real-time enterprise integration into one single, scalable, extensible platform.

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