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Intelligent Equipment. Smart Devices. Smart Systems for OEMs

Advancements in technology for equipment OEMs are fundamentally shifting the competitive business landscape by providing new opportunities to create and deliver value. Data from connected equipment, is powering new innovative applications, enhancing business processes, enriching customer processes, and delivering new insights of information.

Today’s market leaders understand that the value of connecting equipment and the collection and exchange of accurate data for driving cost-savings, increased customer satisfaction, brand differentiation, and increased revenues. This transformation from isolated systems to connected Internet-enabled equipment that can network and communicate with each other and with the Cloud is generating unprecedented opportunities for new services, enhanced productivity and efficiency, improved real-time decision making and innovative user experiences.

Technologies, Capabilities and Services

Lynxspring’s development capabilities and services portfolio for OEMs incorporates open software frameworks and modular embedded platforms that support multiple protocols, two-way communications, data exchange and analytics that enable OEMs to take full advantage of the Internet of Things. Our technologies include two core IP-enabled frameworks, a variety of building blocks, hardware, applications, programming tools, multiple connection options and Cloud Services. Our highly skilled team of application engineers, developers and project managers utilize a combination of proven tools, best practices and domain knowledge for maximum value and reduced time to deployment.

Some of the solutions we have done include:

  • Predictive service and parts replacement
  • Warranty analysis
  • Securing data for analytics
  • Direct to cloud
  • Continuous commissioning
  • Control of small equipment
  • Food service control and HACCP analysis
  • Small Building and QSR applications
  • Data Pump
  • Bridge solutions
  • Cyber Security
  • Energy monitoring
  • Routers


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Powered by the Niagara Framework®, JENEsys® is a unified building operating system designed for the commercial built and intelligent building space. Combining connectivity, integration and interoperability, supervision and control, energy management, visualization and actionable information (data & analytics) into a single architecture within a cyber-secured environment, JENEsys® provides building owners and operators with freedom of choice and puts them in control of their facilities.


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JENEsys® Edge™

JENEsys® Edge™ products are a new generation of controllers combining the Niagara Framework® with Lynxspring's Onyxx® platform. JENEsys® Edge™ combines a controller, gateway and web server duties all into a single device—taking Niagara to the edge with real-time control.


Onyxx by Lynxspring


Onyxx® is an embedded edge platform consisting of a family of modular, open, hardware, bridges and gateways supporting multiple devices across key market segments, edge-to-enterprise and Cloud applications. Designed for use in operational and IoT, you can easily implement device data collection, exchange and management capabilities, API management, a rules engine, event notification and data storage within a secured environment.


Connexxion by Lynxspring


Connexxion®, is a data management and visualization engine that combines edge and Cloud data extraction, aggregation, normalization, tagging, integration, rules and application management for real-time, operational and energy information analytics.

Connexxion leverages data from all your sources into a single management and visualization platform so you can analyze, monitor and control data and analytics in real-time.


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The Niagara Framework®

The Niagara Framework® enables for the connection, normalization, integration and interoperability of diverse devices and equipment into a common environment; supports multiple embedded platforms and merges multi-vendor systems and real-time enterprise integration into one single, scalable, extensible platform.




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