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Lynxspring embraces open software and hardware and multi-vendor interoperability for the edge-to-enterprise. The result is multi-vendor supported automation systems with real-time enterprise integration into one single, scalable, extensible platform solution enabling users to manage and operate facilities and equipment smarter, safer, more efficiently, and at peak performance levels.




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Lynxspring’s JENEsys®( Powered by Niagara), Onyxx™ and Helixx™ based edge-to-enterprise products and solutions are used for Intelligent Buildings, Energy Management, Cyber Protection, Equipment Control and other Specialty applications.




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Lynxspring’s Professional Services offers a portfolio of services based on the Niagara Framework®, Onyxx, Helixx™and Web Service technologies.


OEM Assembling Technology in a Factory



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Lynxspring works with a variety of equipment manufacturers. Our development capabilities and services portfolio for OEM’s incorporate open software frameworks, and modular embedded platforms that support multiple protocols, two-way communications, data exchange and analytics that enable OEMs to take full advantage of the Internet of Things within a compressed time to market.



Project Team Working on System Integration

System Integrator


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Lynxspring delivers proven, easy to deploy platforms, applications, products and services for the building and IoT environments enabling system integrators to deliver versatile solutions for managing all aspects of any facilities operational and environmental system.



Building and System Management for the End User

End User


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Lynxspring offers you freedom of choice and puts you in control of your facilities and operational equipment, letting you choose the products and solutions you want, with the features you need from the providers who perform to your expectations.



Powering the Edge-to-Enterprise

The Internet of Things is changing our world. It is changing the way we manufacture, design, develop and deliver building and facility control systems, equipment, devices and applications.

Lynxspring is changing the way devices, systems, and people communicate and collaborate across the enterprise and out to the edge. Lynxspring is creating a world that is the Intelligence of Things™.

Embracing open, interoperable IoT-based software and hardware platforms, we design, manufacture and distribute JENEsys® (Powered by Niagara), Onyxx™ and Helixx™ based automation and cyber security technology and edge-to-enterprise solutions for intelligent buildings, energy management, cyber protection, equipment control and other specialty applications. Our technologies simplify the automation and information architecture across the enterprise and the edge, significantly lowering costs and enabling users to go further to manage and operate their facilities and equipment.  

Lynxspring provides a smart, safe, secure, and efficient solutions to both connect and protect your company's assets through building automation, energy management and cyber security—ensuring peak performance levels. 

We serve OEMs, system integrators, technology solution providers, value-add resellers and selected corporate users.

Lynxspring is a company where ideas and imagination empower people to create, manufacture, deliver and support innovative solutionsconnecting people and devices in a responsible way which improves quality of life and drives the Intelligence of Things™.



JENEsys by Lynxspring Logo


Powered by the Niagara Framework®,JENEsys is a unified building operating system designed for the commercial built and intelligent building space. Combining connectivity, integration and interoperability, supervision and control, energy management, visualization and actionable information (data & analytics) into a single architecture within a cyber-secured environment, JENEsys provides building owners and operators with freedom of choice and puts them in control of their facilities.

Onyxx by Lynxspring


Onyxx™ is an embedded edge platform consisting of a family of modular, open, hardware, bridges and gateways supporting multiple devices across key market segments, edge to enterprise and Cloud applications. Designed for use in operational and IoT, you can easily implement device data collection, exchange and management capabilities, API management, a rules engine, event notification and data storage within a secured environment.

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Connexxion® is an OT and IoT data management platform that combines the Cloud, connectivity, data extraction, aggregation, normalization, integration and application management for real-time, operational and energy information generated from building systems, equipment and enterprise applications.

Connexxion is completely agnostic with restful APIs for any application(s), drives outcomes by enabling users to capitalize on accurate and concise data from their applications relating to the performance of facilities, building systems and equipment assets, all within a cyber-secured environment.

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LYNX CyberPRO is a cyber security solution designed to enhance the secure remote access of building automation and energy management systems, smart equipment and IoT devices. Incorporating industry proven IT security technology and methods, LYNX CyberPRO secures the connection, removes exposed devices from the public Internet, adds additional layers of protection through encryption and additional authentication, manages user access and rights and provides audit logs. The solution supports most any protocol.

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The Niagara Framework®

The Niagara Framework® enables for the connection, normalization, integration and interoperability of diverse devices and equipment into a common environment; supports multiple embedded platforms and merges multi-vendor systems and real-time enterprise integration into one single, scalable, extensible platform.


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