The Niagara Framework®

Buildings today are equipped with a diverse range of systems, equipment and devices from HVAC controls and energy management systems to lighting controls, occupancy, IAQ sensors and security. Effective integration and interoperability between these systems is critical to improve a building operating system’s performance in modern and dynamic business environments.

With over 1.3 instances deployed, the Niagara Framework® is the most universal building automation and integration platform in the marketplace. It is a powerful and flexible software platform specifically designed for real-time control.

The unique strength of Niagara is its ability to easily integrate dissimilar systems and devices, supporting all open network protocols used in buildings today and standardizing all the data within them.

Niagara provides you a unified, feature-rich platform, streamlining the integration process significantly reducing implementation costs and time to market. It also creates a common environment that connects to almost any embedded device imaginable, regardless of manufacturer or communication protocol.

By modeling the data and behavior of the devices into normalized software components, Niagara provides a seamless, uniform view of your device and equipment data. Normalized data creates an architecture with substantial benefits over gateway-based integration methods.

One benefit is that normalized data is immediately compatible with any other system connected to the Niagara Framework, providing true inter-system interoperability and uniform data presentation to enterprise applications.

As the de facto standard in building integration and automation, the Niagara Framework is deployed at many federal agencies and various military installations worldwide.

Lynxspring is an Authorized Full-Service Tridium OEM Partner

Lynxspring was one of Tridium’s very first partners, and an original early adopter of the Niagara Framework® technology and the JACE® controller. We have been a full-service OEM Niagara partner since 2002. As a Niagara reseller, we also are a certified Niagara developer and an authorized Niagara trainer with onsite, virtual and computer-based training capabilities.

Lynxspring was the first company to take the Niagara Framework and embed it, making it available in our product portfolio of IP programmable controllers. This has further enabled Niagara to be utilized in any building and facility including small to mid-sized facilities, multi-site environments; plant and equipment control such as AHUs, RTUs, FCUs, boilers, chillers, heat pumps and VAV’s.

Niagara Portability

In 2016, Lynxspring embraced Tridium’s Niagara Portability Program, a program designed to leverage the power, strength, and flexibility of Niagara and “port” it on to hardware, devices, and applications other than a standard JACE® controller. As a result, we developed and launched JENEsys Edge®, a Niagara-based portfolio of programmable controllers and accompanying extender modules that support IP connectivity, integration, interoperability, data access and control at the edge.

This powerful portfolio of products meets the building industry’s requirements to connect, manage and control equipment data closer to where the data is, whether it be within a single facility or across a multi-site environment or at the equipment level. The versatility, functionality, and broad footprint of the JENEsys Edge portfolio using the industry’s most widely deployed platform makes this a powerful, cost-effective, and economical solution for system integrators, building operators and equipment manufacturers.

The development of our JENEsys Edge product line has enabled us to redefine the structure of smart technology and flatten the topology of traditional building control architectures. Lynxspring’s JENEsys Edge deploys a horizontal solution required for today’s modern building systems and equipment.

Lynxspring’s Niagara Product Line

Today, we have a powerful ecosystem of related applications, modules, bridges, and gateways. Lynxspring’s JENEsys® and JENEsys Edge® portfolio (developed on an open Linux platform) is a great option with Niagara 4 already ported and embedded on our controllers. It offers a single, scalable, and extensible platform for you. With several product lines of digital controllers available to choose from and bundle together for your unique use case, Lynxspring is a great source to seamlessly control, manage and monitor your equipment and systems. In addition, some of our controllers have IO on-board that extends the usability of the Niagara Framework® to plant control, equipment control and smaller facilities.

Lynxspring has also developed relationships with driver developers globally and with specialty part providers whose offerings complement ours and can add additional value to your building’s enterprise solution. Furthermore, we provide a comprehensive library of drivers, analytics, visualization, and energy management tools that further enhances the service capability and value of the technology. Lynxspring continues to support and develop our product lines utilizing Niagara 4 and is also an authorized Niagara Certification Training Center.

During the last twenty years, we have worked with a network of over 380+ Niagara certified business partners.

Why Specify Niagara in Your Buildings?

  • Choice in an Open Environment, Open Protocols, Open Procurement
  • Proven & Trusted with Over 1.3 Million Instances Deployed
  • Has the Support of All Major HVAC Control Manufacturers
  • Sold Globally and Accepted as the Defacto Standard in Building Integration
  • 50,000+ Worldwide Community of Developers, Integrators, Engineers, and Contractors
  • A Single Software Tool (Leveraging Industry-Wide Niagara Expertise/Certification Training)

Advantages and Benefits of the Niagara Framework Architecture

Lynxspring—under agreement with Tridium—has extended Niagara’s functionality by porting it onto open hardware and software platforms developed and manufactured by Lynxspring. Simplifying facility management, our JENEsys Edge® product line is our scalable, customizable, and Niagara-based portfolio of controllers that provides:

  • Increased Cybersecurity
  • Legacy Integration Capabilities
  • Modular and Phased Implementation
  • Secure IP Networks at the BAS Device Level
  • No Vendor Lockdown/Contractor Independence
  • Integration of Proprietary/Incompatible Products
  • IP-Based Peer-to-Peer (Direct Access to Any Device)
  • Advanced Sequence of Operations for Edge Devices
  • Easier/Faster Vulnerability Patching and Remediation
  • Running Applications at the Edge (i.e., Analytics, CMMS)
  • Visibility/Control of Data Management Across the Enterprise
  • Flexibility to Define BAS System Data as the Building Owner Sees Fit
  • Line Speed of Media Changes (Eliminate Comms Devices and Complexity)

Niagara Licenses from Lynxspring

As an authorized Tridium OEM partner and reseller of the Niagara Framework, Lynxspring has the structure to offer and support two licensing and interoperability models referred to as the Niagara Compatibility Statement or NiCS. One option is a restricted version (closed NiCS) and the other is an open access version (open NiCS). Unless specifically customer directed, Lynxspring’s Niagara offerings are all open NiCS.