Data Management & Visualization Platform

Ensuring building data integrity, security and availability is essential to successfully deploy new generations of advanced third-party energy and operational applications. Important building applications include visualization of data analytics such as alerts, automatic demand response, reporting, fault detection, predictive maintenance, and continuous optimization. Tracking such data driven metrics ensures you can make real-time decisions that impact your building’s KPIs. Lynxspring is an industry leader in providing intelligent data solutions—from small businesses to large global enterprises—to aggregate, secure, manage and visualize your important operational data.

Lynxspring’s Connexxion® is a Cloud-based, independent data layer (IDL) infrastructure solution that was developed to streamline building integration under a single, user-friendly UI environment. This data management and visualization platform delivers data connectivity, curation, normalization, modeling, tagging, identification, standardization, storage, and API integration. Connexxion enables a user-defined view of your HVAC control systems’ energy utilization and operational performance all at your fingertips from a common dashboard.

Leveraging data from your smart building’s BAS system, equipment, and connected devices, Connexxion, provides a simple platform to analyze, monitor, and control data access and exchange. Using Connexxion: data is cleansed, disparate data sources are unified, technologies are integrated, heterogeneous networks are bridged, legacy and new technologies can be integrated seamlessly, and stakeholder-centric applications rapidly deployed. Data can be made available to any application from any source.

The platform provides a complete suite of services and APIs to capture data from disparate sources. Typical applications include analytics, DCIM, CMMS, BMS, energy management, data lakes, and IoT devices like:

  • Haystack Compliant API
  • JSON Compliant API (CX API)
  • Data Ingestion and Synchronization Supporting Haystack and CSV
  • Data Export Supporting Haystack, CSV, Excel, Zinc and JSON
  • Weather and Utility Data Ingestion
  • Analytics Engine: SkySpark® by SkyFoundry
  • Reporting and Alerting Engine
  • Data Quality Management (missing, failed and data error)
  • Project Creation and Management
  • User Creation and Management
  • Database(s) Management
  • Interface Support for Other Analytic Dashboards Including Tableau

Combining the core functionalities of IT and OT along with Haystack tagging, data modeling and RESTful APIs, Connexxion is compatible with any application. Connexxion also capitalizes current data trends relating to the performance of facilities, building systems and equipment assets across multiple domains. It provides users the ability to easily manage and optimize building performance, extend equipment life cycle, save energy, reduce carbon footprint, identify faults or abnormalities, and diagnose issues.

Data Architecture

Connexxion is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) enterprise platform that is seamlessly integrated and complies with the industry’s best practices to mitigate risks such as obsolescence, maintenance costs, and technology lock-ins/lockouts. It ensures large amounts of data from various source systems are readily available with no single point of failure and is scalable to allow a limitless database size. Connexxion is a proven platform that is robust and flexible providing optimal distribution, redundancy, failover, and disaster recovery.

Lynxspring follows a 3D process:  discovery, development, and deployment. The analytics SaaS offering as part of the Connexxion service is our shared Cloud environment and is sold as an annual subscription per data point for a predetermined term and must be renewed for continued access to both services and maintenance benefits. Available Connexxion deployment options are perpetual license or platform-as-a-service (PaaS).

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Professional Services

Lynxspring’s Professional Services team provides a portfolio of services related to our Connexxion platform. Our team of Niagara-certified software developers, application engineers and project managers utilize a combination of proven tools, best practices, and expertise to support, collaborate effective use and management of products, optimize resources to gain maximum value and reduce time to deployment.

Professional Services has also developed an extensive library of rules and functions for the analytics platform. This library is available to all Connexxion customers to help implement their energy analytics, fault detection and diagnosis strategies. Analytics rules prewritten for common applications may be applied to any data source with consistent data points and name or tagging (i.e., Project Haystack) to view trends, discrepancies or other data for any application such as operational data, inventory, CMMS and IAQ or any other application.


Connexxion Features

  • Connectivity
  • Data Normalization/Transparency
  • Connection to Disparate Systems
  • Advanced Analytics Engine
  • Access to Actionable Data
  • Integrated Analytics
  • Secured Data Capture & Exchange
  • Build on IT Framework & Standards
  • Data Aggregation
  • Connect to Third Party Data
  • Support for Multi-Applications
  • Benchmarking
  • FDD
  • M&V
  • Alarms & Alerts
  • Tagging & Data Modeling
  • Flexible Engagement Models
  • Cloud to Cloud

Advantages and Benefits of Lynxspring’s Connexxion

  • Data transparency.
  • Built-in tagging/semantic data modeling.
  • Database backup without service interruption.
  • Collect and store both structured/unstructured data.
  • Pinpoint data output from various equipment systems.
  • Open architecture allows creation of custom applications.
  • Integrate database security, replication, and fault tolerance.
  • Normalize and model data across disparate third-party systems.
  • Available as a SaaS, enterprise, Cloud, Cloud-to-Cloud, or on premise.
  • Hardware normalization layer that streamlines integration into facilities.
  • Easy access to data that always belongs to you and is never held hostage.
  • Use AWS for highly secure authenticated remote site connectivity and encryption.
  • Scalable, open standards, modular frameworks, and an open-source data structure.
  • Data curation is effectively organized/collected from multiple systems, devices, and formats.
  • Analytics engine gathers data together in one centralized database for efficient real-time data.
  • Supports multiple open protocols and open API’s (support for available and future applications).
  • Fully compatible with existing infrastructure (integration into corporate IT management systems).
  • Dynamic/Fully Editable: query data, drag/drop panels, search dashboards via title or tags, create templates.
  • Data tagging (fully documented APIs, easy inclusion of new datasets, integration with third-party software apps.

Specific Building Detail Dashboard

Energy Usage & Consumption Dashboard