Responsive Dashboards & Graphics

Visualizing your building’s data is important. Lynxspring continues to offer leading edge innovations, smart technologies, and smart solutions as part of our larger commitment towards creating smarter buildings. Our latest offering, Reflow®, gives you amazing options to create professional dashboards and enhanced graphics for your customer/client base. Joining forces with NiagaraMods® to extend an exceptional way to showcase your building’s operational data, Lynxspring is now an authorized OEM reseller and distributor.

Reflow is an easy-to-use, Niagara 4 application and comprehensive toolset for creating responsive user interfaces, graphics, and intuitive dashboard experiences. Designed to reduce the complexity and time required to build station graphics, equipment graphics, and floor plans, Reflow, is a modern and cutting-edge building graphics solution.

When building out your Niagara sites, Reflow, is an out-of-the-box solution that helps you as a system integrator build professional custom dashboards that you and your customers will absolutely love. Lynxspring is offering Reflow as a standalone module, or as an add-on application that works with the company’s JENEsys®, JENEsys Edge®, and Onyxx® LX portfolio of controllers, or as a solution as a service through the company’s Professional Services team providing a complete package-set developed to meet individual client specifications.

A competitive advantage, this remarkably simple, flexible, and customizable tool, requires no configuration to instantly set histories, schedules, and alarms. Creating equipment graphics, floor plans and dashboards just got a whole lot easier. Responsiveness is already built-in; no additional setup time is required. Reflow has intuitive page view as they adjust to fit any sized screen (desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone).

Set up simple graphic templates to display all your building’s operational data. Create custom pages that display important data-at-a-glance. A floor plan editor allows you to draw-in zones, insert actual site building images, and label rooms and HVAC equipment based on assigned Niagara points. Historical trends allow you to utilize a chart builder to plot multiple data points on five different chart types. Users can export chart images and CSV data files. In fact, you can also drop-in replacement for the entire Niagara interface. Automatically pull in historical trends from the Niagara station and group or feature the most important points showcasing the data your customer needs at their fingertips.

The graphics are customizable. Use Reflow’s built-in library of graphics or import your own. Equipment graphics can be embedded with Niagara views or import a CSV file of preloaded points and page layouts. By assigning a company’s individual brand colors at set-up you also can personalize pages. Colors will carry throughout the entire user interface. Once set, the primary and secondary color selections are automatically applied to other areas including buttons, dashboard cards, and histories. Use PX graphics and choose from an assortment of available splash screen images.

Additional Features:

  • Responsive Design:  HTML5 Design Patterns
  • Control Access:  Restrict Access to Certain Pages
  • Design Templates:  Save a Configuration Backup/Repurpose for Next Site
  • Alarm Console Design:  Show Specific Alarm Classes/Priorities as You Choose
  • Historical Trends:  Highlight Most Important Histories from the Niagara Station
  • Floor Plan Editor:  Full-Featured Graphics Editor/Easily Add Additional Buildings
  • Custom Graphics:  Globally Change Customers Brand/Colors Across the Entire Platform
  • Intuitive Page Views:  Mobile Menu by Default/Elements Stack to Fit Smaller Screens
  • Editing Schedules:  Quickly Search/Show or Hide Schedules Based on End-User Roles
  • PX Graphics:  Utilize Available Graphics (i.e., Choose from available Splash Screen images)
  • Device Integration:  Adaptable for Use on a Single JENE/JACE or Multi-Supervisor Enterprises

Floor Plan Editor

Equipment Level Integration

Pull in CSV File

Recognizes Common Point Name Configuration

Regions & Branches Overview Dashboard

Building Specific View from Branch Dashboard

Brand/Customize: Primary & Secondary Color Selection

Specific Floor Zones View

Brand Site Using Image Library or Upload Your Own

Historical Trends: Comparison Set Point Chart

IAQ: Multi-Site/Building Specific View

Select Preference Options Between Dark or Light Mode