Onyxx LX logo

  • Flexible I/O & Customizable
  • Factory-Loaded Configurable Apps
  • Easily Integrate Any Enterprise BACnet Platform
  • Perfect for Small to Mid-Sized Building Projects
  • BACnet® MS/TP, Configurable ASC Controllers, Smart Thermostats, & Digital Room Sensors

Onyxx® LX product line delivers connectivity, visualization, and control for commercial buildings. Today’s buildings demand simple integration across systems, equipment, and devices using BACnet, and these devices address this growing market. Onyxx LX continues Lynxspring’s product strategy of helping customers achieve their delivery of automation and integration solutions for quick ROI, long-term scalability, and reliability.

Onyxx® LX Ease of Setup with Built-In Graphics

This week I was on a job with Onyxx LX controllers. I am impressed with the ease of setup and the graphics built in. Compared to [other similar products] it’s night and day. It was nice to just enter the info into blocks. Great product!

— Lynxspring Partner/System Integrator