Onyxx® LX TZ100

User Room Sensor

The TZ100-LX digital IAQ sensor facilitates simple user interactions as an essential component of HVAC control systems.


• Room user digital IAQ sensor complementary to the controllers from the Onyxx LX product line • Displays user data/information i.e., time, temperature, and requests for heating/cooling through a backlit LCD display. • Communicates to the controllers using a proprietary RS-485 protocol. • Up to 3 TZ100-LX or TZ200-LX room sensors per controller can be wired when used with the Onyxx LX controllers. • Has a local BACnet MS/TP USB port for network access • Requires an Onyxx LX USB to RS-485 to view/configure devices on the trunk with Onyxx LX UI • To order use part number: TZ100-LX   Application

This sensor is designed to facilitate simple user interactions typically used in the HVAC industry for terminal equipment control. It allows powerful yet flexible solutions that can be tailored and sized according to any project need.