System Integrators

System integrators have long served the building automation and energy management industry as the technical, electrical, and mechanical specialists who bridge the gap between building owners and the systems, equipment, and software used by today’s facilities. A buildings’ multiple HVAC systems all communicating on a central platform is essential to successful building integration. It is the system integrator at the heart of building automation who installs and ensures that everything works together seamlessly.

Lynxspring Understands the Challenges System Integrators Face

  • Supply Chain Issues.
  • Rising Costs to do Business.
  • Increase in Project(s) Complexity.
  • Shift from Commodity to Strategic.
  • New Elevated Expectations from Customers.
  • Increased Pressure from OEM Suppliers to Sell More.
  • Adapting to Constant Evolution in Facility Management.
  • Number of Product Choices and Offerings Now Available.
  • More Complicated Sales Cycle and Longer Payment Cycles.
  • Traditional Comfort Levels Being Challenged by New Demands and Requirements.
  • Regulatory Requirements, Environmental Sustainability, and Reducing Carbon Footprint.
  • Increased Competition from Branches, New Market Entrants, and Non-Traditional Competitors.
  • Differentiating Between the Value of Services/Domain Knowledge and Product Features/Functions.

JENEsys Edge® Building Operating System

Lynxspring’s JENEsys Edge® Building Operating System, powered by the Niagara Framework®, is an ideal open, scalable turnkey solution for single sites, multi-story buildings or even a multi-building campus environment. The Niagara Framework® is the most universal software platform for smart buildings, building automation, integration, and energy management. Lynxspring has provided the market with in-house Niagara expertise since 2002.

Lynxspring’s Edge Enabled® portfolio of products includes IP programmable controllers, gateways, smart applications, and professional consulting services to help you troubleshoot your building integration project. Supporting connectivity, integration, interoperability, data access at the edge, we deliver a horizontal Niagara IP architecture.

As a Lynxspring Technology Solutions Business Partner, you leverage best-in-class products to reduce deployment times when designing building automation and controls solutions. With JENEsys®, JENEsys Edge®, Onyxx® and Onyxx® LX hardware and software, you increase your competitive edge, have access to new product and feature releases, Niagara certified training, and award-winning technical support for your commercial building project opportunities. We are committed to helping our partners succeed.

Lynxspring provides us with a larger tool set and more flexibility. As a result, we have been better able to focus on retrofit and service opportunities. Also, we no longer “lose to Niagara” on bids for campus and government contracts thanks to Lynxspring’s JENEsys Edge Niagara-based controllers. We can now compete for those jobs


Lynxspring BTL-Certified Products

A trusted partner in both retrofit/legacy-type of projects or brand-new construction projects, Lynxspring’s edge-enabled products connect smart equipment for easy daily monitoring of a building automation control system’s performance. Check out our open, scalable, BTL Certified, made in the USA, smart products including JENEsys®, JENEsys Edge®, Onyxx® and Onyxx® LX:

Lynxspring’s portfolio of BTL Certified products supporting BACnet MS/TP and open-source Niagara controllers are also ideal for any type of HVAC equipment, boilers, chillers, heat pumps, air handling units, roof tops and so much more. Based on decades of expertise in developing and manufacturing controls and working with OEM manufacturers, Lynxspring has become a preferred controls provider.

In today’s environment, standalone, single-source, locked-in system designs are “out” and the multi-vendor, fully integrated, open systems are “in”. When building operators investigate options for new projects, the most sought-after benefits are:

  • Secure
  • Sustainable Design
  • Easy, Rapid Deployment
  • Open Hardware/Software, Standards and Protocols
  • Multi-Vendor Interoperability
  • Flexibility/Future Proofing
  • Value Added Applications

Lynxspring’s cost-effective portfolio of technology and controls solutions, professional consulting services and expert technical support enable system integrators to provide clients with efficient control and management of all aspects of the built environment. We believe that your success is our success.

Lynxspring Applauded for Development of Customer-Centric Products

In 2017, Lynxspring was applauded for exceptional service delivery in IoT for North America and recognized with the Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award:

Lynxspring has developed a strategy of offering exceptional value at multiple points of the IoT chain by providing connectivity, integration, and interoperability to thousands of facilities in governments, military bases, commercial buildings, and schools and universities. It’s competitively strategic focus on platform interoperability is an important differentiator—delivering an open architecture that is endpoint agnostic


Professional Services

Lynxspring’s Professional Services team provides a portfolio of consulting services. Our team of Niagara-certified software developers, application engineers and project managers utilize a combination of proven tools, best practices, and domain knowledge to support, collaborate effective use of products, optimize resources, and reduce time to deployment.

Utilizing the best practices in the building automation and integration industry, Lynxspring’s Professional Services team adds their expansive portfolio of expertise to a price conscious and effective product line that spans across common platforms already designed and tested to meet the demands of today’s requirements and specifications.

Professional Services has also developed an extensive library of rules and functions for the analytics platform. This library is available to Lynxspring’s business partners to help you implement your energy analytics, fault detection and diagnosis strategies. Analytics rules prewritten for common applications may be applied to any data source with consistent data points and name or tagging (i.e., Project Haystack) to view trends, discrepancies or other data for any application such as operational data, inventory, CMMS and IAQ or any other application.

We also provide an on-site panel shop to build special order panels that meet project specifications and provide turnkey panel solutions. Lynxspring can ship fully programmed and tested building automation panels direct to your site. These panels are shipped with project installation and wiring documentation to make the install and check-out of your project go more smoothly.