Partner with Lynxspring

Lynxspring is a trusted and steadfast partner to building owners, facility operators, system integrators, engineering firms, OEMs and distributors and resellers alike. At Lynxspring, our expansive national and global network of Lynxspring business partners, are on the leading edge of the building automation and integration industry. Our software, hardware products, value-added applications, and services deliver powerful, reliable, and easy-to-manage solutions to thousands of customers.

Providing smart, secure, and energy efficient solutions, Lynxspring helps connect and protect your building’s assets via a unified dashboard of multiple building automation systems. During the last twenty years, we have worked with a network of almost 400 Niagara certified business partners.

As Lynxspring products, services, and technologies continue to evolve to accommodate new standards and requirements in building automation systems (BMS) space, so does our ongoing support, service and commitment to our valued Lynxspring Business Partners and their clients. With our extended ecosystem of value-added applications, resources, consulting services, tools, and technical support Lynxspring empowers our partners to have true choice in selecting a customized smart solution that is right for you.


We are Committed to Helping our Partners Succeed

Our Edge Enabled® portfolio of products includes IP programmable controllers, gateways, smart applications, and services. Supporting connectivity, integration, interoperability, data access at the edge, we deliver a horizontal Niagara IP architecture. Lynxspring’s JENEsys Edge® Building Operating System, powered by the Niagara Framework®, is an ideal open, scalable turnkey solution for single sites, multi-story buildings or even a multi-building campus environment.

Lynxspring is a leader in open, interoperable software, hardware, and applications delivering true collaboration for today’s buildings, smart devices, smart systems, and intelligent equipment. Our team creates a valuable extension of your team, to help you increase the functionality of your smart devices and systems while helping you analyze operational data to implement cost-saving efforts that positively impact all facets of your organization and your business goals. Your success truly is our success.

Lynxspring’s quality of customer service and support has directly impacted our comfort level and decision to further invest in our business partnership with Lynxspring.


Benefits of Being a Lynxspring Business Partner:

  • Private Branding/Labeling
  • Discounted Multiplier Pricing on our Products
  • We Know Niagara—Thousands of Deployments
  • Extensive Driver Library and Driver Development
  • Niagara-Certified Developers Authorized Niagara Trainers
  • Have a Competitive Edge with Fast and Easy Deployments
  • Knowledgeable and Responsive Technical Support and Professional Services Teams
  • Expertise Working Directly with National Account Enterprises, OEMs, and System Integrators

Your Partner in Energy Management Solutions

With our pulse on the commercial building markets, Lynxspring is a premier developer and provider of open, Internet-based solutions for intelligent buildings and edge-to-enterprise integration. To strategically meet the current trends and technologic demands within the IoT environment, the Lynxspring team is devoted to developing innovative solutions and applications and committed to providing our partners with maximum performance at minimum cost.

Purpose-built, our portfolio of edge-to-the-enterprise products provides a powerful gateway to meaningful, accurate and real-time data management between IoT and BAS systems. Solutions from Lynxspring are deployed in office buildings, government facilities, military bases, data centers, hotels, airports, manufacturing plants, hospitals, retail, convenience stores, restaurants, K-12 schools, university campuses and many more commercial spaces.

We enable you to better manage and operate your facility at peak performance levels—providing you with smart, secure, and efficient solutions to both connect and protect your company’s assets.

Lynxspring’s expertise as a full-service organization in all things Niagara, allows us to continue to hold a competitive edge with in-house Niagara-Certified technical support teams, an experienced professional services team, Niagara software developers, application engineers and project managers all who provide a portfolio of services.

Lynxspring also maintains in-house distribution and direct access to the manufacturer of JACES with the ability to provide customizable and specific branded JENEs/JACEs and a recognized Niagara 4 Certified Training Partner. We provide Niagara Certification training to any Lynxspring business partner, system integrator, OEM, distributor, end user or contractor on-site or at an off-site location near you.

We have built-in longevity with many of our valued business partnerships (some as long as 16 years), because they believe in Lynxspring’s continued development and innovation of our smart technologies, smart equipment, and smart solutions. We provide trusted expertise, professional consulting services, training, domain knowledge and award-winning technical support that our partners can always count on.

We have been a Lynxspring partner for over 10 years now. We appreciate Lynxspring, their technical capabilities and products, but most of all the great, long-term relationship. Great products, great support, great partners!


Lynxspring is a Full-Service Tridium OEM Partner

Lynxspring was one of Tridium’s very first partners, and an original early adopter of the Niagara Framework® technology and the JACE® controller. We have been a Niagara partner since 2002. As an authorized and full-service OEM partner, we are not only a reseller, but are a certified Niagara developer and a Niagara-Certified Trainer with onsite, virtual and computer-based training capabilities.

Lynxspring’s partnership with Tridium includes continual collaboration as a technical resource for product enhancements and features and we also contributed to the design of Niagara AX and Niagara 4.

Lynxspring is the first company to take the Niagara Framework and embed it, making it available in a product portfolio of IP programmable controllers. This has further enabled Niagara to be utilized in any building and facility including small to mid-sized facilities, multi-site environments; plant and equipment control such as air handling units, roof top units, boilers, fan coil units, heat pumps and VAV’s.

With over 20 years of industry expertise and domain knowledge, our team of Niagara-certified project managers, application engineers, developers, trainers, field technicians and technical support team are here to meet your needs through every step of the building integration process. Let Lynxspring help unlock new energy efficiencies in your building management systems by customizing the right open technologies and solutions that fit your desired business outcomes.

Lynxspring BTL-Certified Products

A trusted partner in both retrofit/legacy-type of projects or brand-new construction projects, Lynxspring’s edge-enabled products connect smart equipment for easy daily monitoring of a building automation control system’s performance. Check out our open, scalable, BTL-Certified, made in the USA, smart products including JENEsys®, JENEsys Edge®, Onyxx® and Onyxx® LX:

Lynxspring’s portfolio of BTL-Certified products supporting BACnet MS/TP and open-source Niagara controllers are also ideal for any type of HVAC equipment, boilers, chillers, heat pumps, air handling units, roof tops and so much more. Based on decades of expertise in developing and manufacturing controls and working with OEM manufacturers, Lynxspring has become a preferred controls provider.

Cutting Edge Technology and Collaborative Service Solutions

In 2020, Lynxspring was recognized with the Smart Buildings Customer Value Leadership Award:

Lynxspring disrupts traditional silos by forming strategic partnerships with technology movers and shakers and establishing a rich network of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), system integrators, building owners, and operators. The company complements these advantages with comprehensive and ongoing professional service delivery solutions through multiple communication channels.


Professional Services

Lynxspring’s Professional Services team provides a portfolio of consulting services. Our team of Niagara-certified software developers, application engineers and project managers utilize a combination of proven tools, best practices, and domain knowledge to support, collaborate effective use of products, optimize resources, and reduce time to deployment.

Utilizing the best practices in the building automation and integration industry, Lynxspring’s Professional Services team adds their expansive portfolio of expertise to a price conscious and effective product line that spans across common platforms already designed and tested to meet the demands of today’s requirements and specifications.

Professional Services has also developed an extensive library of rules and functions for the analytics platform. This library is available to Lynxspring’s business partners to help you implement your energy analytics, fault detection and diagnosis strategies. Analytics rules prewritten for common applications may be applied to any data source with consistent data points and name or tagging (i.e., Project Haystack) to view trends, discrepancies or other data for any application such as operational data, inventory, CMMS and IAQ or any other application.

We also provide an on-site panel shop to build special order panels that meet project specifications and provide turnkey panel solutions. Lynxspring can ship fully programmed and tested building automation panels direct to your site. These panels are shipped with project installation and wiring documentation to make the install and check-out of your project go more smoothly.