SkyFoundry’s SkySpark® analytics platform analyzes data from roof top units, air handling units, boilers, chillers, utility meters, and other smart equipment controlling a building’s HVAC systems to determine issues, patterns, deviations, and faults. Through analyzing such data, opportunities for operational improvements and a reduction in energy costs may be identified. SkySpark exists as an open platform which allows data points from a wide range of sources to be examined and then building automation systems optimized.

Lynxspring has been a SkySpark partner and reseller since 2011 and offering SkySpark solutions both at the edge and in the Cloud. SkySpark is sold as licensed software. SkyFoundry never holds your data hostage. You are always in control of your building’s data. SkySpark can be used in a wide variety of applications including:

  • Asset Performance Tracking
  • Building Commissioning
  • Carbon/Greenhouse Gas Reporting
  • Energy Analysis/Load Profiling
  • Equipment Fault Detection
  • Individual Facility Benchmarking

SkySpark produces timely and customer-driven analytics that can be applied which fit a variety of use cases including:

  • Single facility, campus/office complex or thousands of enterprise sites
  • End-user application to monitor equipment systems daily.
  • Tool for consultants, commissioning professionals and energy engineers

SkySpark searches patterns and trends specific to a unique building automation system streamlining processes and reporting for building owners/operators. This allows for cost-effective Monitoring-Based Commissioning (MBCx). Leveraging your domain knowledge, SkySpark allows you to automate your work processes without building your own software platform.

SkySpark can also be used as a backend database and analytics engine serving results to other applications. A complete set of published API’s enables developers to integrate all SkySpark’s functionality with third party applications providing them the ability to embed sophisticated analytics capabilities in their own presentation environment.

Acquire, Access and Quickly Interpret Real-Time Data

SkySpark’s analytics process involves data acquisition via live link to smart meter/equipment, connection to SQL database, import of data from Excel files or a web service utility feed; and access to multi-structured data from specialized Folio database designed for high-speed analysis of large volumes of time-series data. Visualization of SkySpark’s applications and data analytics are displayed in standard web browsers using HTML5. You can also export data analytics to third-party applications via our open, published APIs.

Choose to Use SkySpark One of Two Ways:

SkySpark in the Cloud

Connexxion®, Lynxspring’s secured Cloud data management engine and visualization platform, delivers connectivity, visibility, data curation, interoperability, normalization, tagging and application management for your building’s energy management systems. The primary application and tool set utilized is SkySpark. Connexxion offers several data management and deployment options including availability as a(n):

  • SaaS
  • Enterprise
  • Cloud-Hosted (ours or your own Cloud service)
  • Cloud to Cloud
  • On-Premises as a Desktop Tool on a local PC/server

SkySpark Standalone or Add-On

As an authorized OEM and VAR, Lynxspring also offers SkySpark as a licensed software that can be used as a standalone on-site building operating platform or included as an add on as part of Lynxspring’s Smart Stack for Smarter Buildings.