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Better Visibility. Better Control.
More Effective Energy Management.
Reduced Resource Consumption.
Increased Insight for Proactive and Preventative Actions.

Lynxspring provides everything you need to deploy and experience the value of a connected facility enterprise including edge connectivity, integration, automation, command, control, data access and normalization, analytics, and Cloud services.

According to the latest Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey (CBECS), the reality is that most buildings still need to make investments in controls:

  • 21% of buildings have direct digital controls (DDC)/HVAC controllers.
  • 16% have BAS.
  • 5% have smart thermostats.
  • 17% of buildings have occupancy sensors controlling lighting.
  • 5% of buildings have lighting control systems.
  • 1% of buildings have plug load controls.

JENEsys Edge® Building Operating System

Lynxspring’s JENEsys Edge® Building Operating System, powered by the Niagara Framework®, is an ideal open, scalable turnkey solution for single sites, multi-story buildings or even a multi-building campus environment. The Niagara Framework® is the most universal software platform for smart buildings, building automation, integration, and energy management. Lynxspring has provided the market with Niagara expertise since 2002.

Internet-enabled, Niagara supports multiple embedded platforms and merges multi-vendor systems and real-time enterprise integration into a single, scalable, extensible platform. It also provides users with the openness and the freedom of choice they demand in controlling their facilities—allowing true integration and support of the control environment and the information domain.

With expenses associated with facility operations ranking the third and fourth largest costs for organizations, smart building technology is becoming the norm in today’s commercial office buildings. Multi-site commercial building owners/operators are feeling the pressure to invest in intelligent building technologies and are replacing siloed systems with connected, intelligent systems. Such solutions must provide better insights into their operations, energy management/sustainability, and equipment performance as well as access to real-time data for comfort, productivity, wellness, and occupant experience.

Multi-building complexes/campuses need to be able to securely collect and exchange data between multiple systems. Smart building technology must also be able to analyze data, predict challenges, respond to changing conditions, and deliver real-time reports that guide what actions need to be taken.

Lynxspring Applauded for Speed and Reliability

Applauding Lynxspring’s technical excellence in IoT, Lynxspring was recognized as a top contender in the smart buildings market and awarded the Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award:

The superior flexibility, speed, and reliability of Lynxspring’s innovative solutions are accelerating the IoT trend in the North American market. Decades of experience in the building automation industry endow the company with the expertise to develop smarter, better performing, and more value-driven solutions for customers across multiple applications.


Lynxspring’s Edge-to-the Enterprise (E2E) Solutions

Lynxspring’s Edge-to-Enterprise (E2E) solutions provide you with what you need to deploy a connected facility enterprise. E2E for multi-site complexes and campuses is ideal for deployments across hundreds and thousands of sites, both local and global. During the last twenty years, we have worked with a network of almost 400 Niagara certified business partners.

E2E solutions are fully customizable and provide a variety of functions including:

    • Lighting Control
    • Metering/Energy Use
    • Visualization/Dashboards
    • HVAC Equipment/Comfort Control
    • Regulatory/Network Security Issues
    • Analytics/Key Performance Indicators
    • Predictive/Preventative Maintenance

Command and Control

Lynxspring provides turnkey solutions that connect, access, monitor, control, and translate real-time, operational data into actionable and meaningful data. The solution addresses key performance indicators (KPIs) and workflows, delivering data-driven insights to facility managers and corporate management. Such optimal operational results set best practices in motion by increasing workplace comfort levels/performance, efficiencies, savings, and outcomes.


Connexxion® by Lynxspring is a data management and visualization engine that combines edge and Cloud data extraction, aggregation, normalization, tagging, integration, rules, and application management for real-time, operational and energy information analytics. Connexxion is also an agnostic tool for the ingestion of data from any source such as streetlights, utility meters, and security controls, providing an aggregation point for all your analytic needs.

Edge Visualization & Mobile Web Apps

A family of available drivers and existing applications as well as applications supplied by you including, but not limited to:  Work Order Management, Tennant Billing, FDD, Predictive and Preventative Maintenance, Remote Monitoring, and Network Monitoring.

Phased Implementation

Lynxspring recognizes that projects are subject to certain ROI requirements. Our E2E Services can be phased-in to meet your specific budget and priorities. Each system component is open and separate so each can be integrated or rolled out individually in a series of phased implementations. Add different modules as necessary.

Lynxspring BTL-Certified Products

A trusted partner in both retrofit/legacy-type of projects or brand-new construction projects, Lynxspring’s edge-enabled products connect smart equipment for easy daily monitoring of a building automation control system’s performance. Check out our open, scalable, BTL Certified, made in the USA, smart products including JENEsys®, JENEsys Edge®, Onyxx® and Onyxx® LX:

Lynxspring’s portfolio of BTL Certified products supporting BACnet MS/TP and open-source Niagara controllers are also ideal for any type of HVAC equipment, boilers, chillers, heat pumps, air handling units, roof tops and so much more. Based on decades of expertise in developing and manufacturing controls and working with OEM manufacturers, Lynxspring has become a preferred controls provider.

Solution Highlights

+ +
  • Accurate and Real-Time Data
  • In-House Professional Services Team to Assist in Deployment
  • Simplify Architecture with Single Solution for Multiple Systems
  • Shared Dashboard Visibility/Management of Control Systems
  • Powerful Data Ingestion, Collection and Analytics Engine
  • Manage Enterprise Schedules, Setpoints and Alarms
  • Normalized and Tagged Data
  • Meet IT Standards

Operational Value

+ +
  • Schedule Resources Efficiently
  • Reduce Service Calls and Truck Rolls
  • No Replacement of Existing Legacy Systems
  • Identify Equipment and System Inefficiencies
  • Analyze Building Health and Energy Use Patterns
  • Early Detection of System Issues and Quick Resolution
  • Proactive Risk Management, Mitigation and Maintenance
  • Optimal Control and Performance of Systems and Equipment (security, HVAC, lighting, meters, sensors, etc.)

Business Outcomes

+ +
  • Increased Building Value and Spending Decisions
  • Evaluate and Prioritize Capital Investments
  • Metrics for Multiple Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
  • Increased Occupant Comfort Levels, Health, and Productivity
  • Small CAPEX Changes Yield with Big OPEX Returns
  • Risk Management and Strategic Procurement
  • Extend the Lifetime Value of Equipment
  • Avert Downtimes and Minimize Impact on Operations
  • Receive Compliance and Accountability Reports
  • Available in Phased Implementation to Meet Budget Concerns

Advantages of Partnering with Lynxspring

+ +
  • Resources at Your Fingertips:
  • Custom Solutions/Applications
  • Open Hardware & Software
  • Bid Installation/On Site Support
  • Contract Services/Installation Partners
  • Buy Direct/Free to Choose Manufacturers
  • Niagara Community/Continuous Innovation
  • Life Cycle Strategy/Preventative Maintenance
  • Vulnerability Remediation

Professional Services

Lynxspring’s Professional Services team provides a portfolio of consulting services. Our team of Niagara-certified software developers, application engineers and project managers utilize a combination of proven tools, best practices, and domain knowledge to support, collaborate effective use of products, optimize resources, and reduce time to deployment.

Professional Services has also developed an extensive library of rules and functions for the analytics platform. This library is available to Lynxspring’s business partners to help you implement your energy analytics, fault detection and diagnosis strategies. Analytics rules prewritten for common applications may be applied to any data source with consistent data points and name or tagging (i.e., Project Haystack) to view trends, discrepancies or other data for any application such as operational data, inventory, CMMS and IAQ or any other application.

We also provide an on-site panel shop to build special order panels that meet project specifications and provide turnkey panel solutions. Lynxspring can ship fully programmed and tested building automation panels direct to your site. These panels are shipped with project installation and wiring documentation to make the install and check-out of your project go more smoothly.