JENEsys Edge VAV Technical Training


Upon confirmation of registration you will have 1 Week (Monday-to-Monday) to complete this self-paced course.

Upon receipt of registration our team will contact you via email. Once you confirm your course ‘Start Date’ our team will provide you with login credentials and further instructions.

Re-registration will be required for VAV courses not completed within the week specified by registrant.


Course Name: JENEsys Edge VAV Technical Training Course

Style: Self-Paced Learning Module. 3 Sections.

Section One

In Section 1, you will download the “Self-Learning” ZIP file. This ZIP file contains a PDF and a PowerPoint presentation file. The quiz in section 3 is based on the information contained in these documents.

Section Two

Section 2 consists of 13 videos starting with an explanation of the configuration tool. The videos go in logical order of how you use the configuration tool and end with a demonstration of the entire process. The videos are set up where you must complete all 13 before you can move on and take the quiz.

Section Three

This section contains 10 questions. The quiz becomes available once you complete Section 1 and 2.

You have one week to complete the course and pass the quiz for course credit

  1. Download the notes first. Training Videos will be released upon completion.
  2. Watch the videos. Each video is only made available after the previous video has been completed.
  3. Take the quiz. The quiz is based on the self-learning ZIP file. All videos must be completed before release of quiz.


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