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Portfolio of Products

  • Fully Programmable Niagara Embedded Controller
  • Multi-Vendor Integration & Interoperability
  • Open NiCS, Open Protocols, & Open Standards
  • Data Access, Supervision, Alarm & Scheduling
  • Variety of Drivers Available

Open Systems, Open Protocols & Open Standards

The JENEsys® Smart Building Operating Platform streamlines all areas of your facilities—maintenance, lighting control and energy management—providing interoperability and integration whether you are managing a small retail space, a large industrial facility, or a multi-building campus environment. JENEsys—powered by the Niagara Framework®—also combines remote data access and analytics, connectivity, supervision, control, and dashboard visualization into a single architecture within an open, cybersecure environment.

With real-time monitoring of your building’s devices, equipment, and systems JENEsys:

  • Streamlines multiple operations via a central dashboard.
  • Allows open multi-vendor integration/interoperability.
  • Reduces building management system complexity/costs.
  • Prevents vendor lock-in by proprietary/closed technologies.
  • Controls and monitors energy consumption trends/efficiencies.
  • Simplifies facility operations with easy installation via a web-based interface.
  • Allows you to own your data and have real-time visibility/remote access 24/7.
  • Supports preventative maintenance and easily enables remote diagnostics/repair.
  • Maximizes lifetime value of building systems by optimizing smart devices/equipment.
  • APIs enable independent third parties to develop complementary enterprise applications.
  • Allows future scalable expansion with wide range of applications, services, and product upgrades.

JENEsys controllers are powered by the Niagara Framework®, the industry’s first software technology designed to integrate diverse systems and devices regardless of the manufacturer, or communication protocol. Niagara supports a wide range of protocols including LonWorks®, BACnet®, Modbus, oBIX, legacy systems and Internet standards. The Niagara Framework also includes integrated network management tools to support the design, configuration, installation, and maintenance of interoperable networks.

To achieve operational efficiencies between multiple building systems, JENEsys deploys a common building environment UI connecting to almost any embedded device in the market today. Using Java-based controllers and a standard web-browser, servers, software applications and tools, it is designed to integrate a variety of IP-based protocols XML-based connectivity options and open APIs. JENEsys meets the specific needs of your individual facility systems and allows you to continually build off the same network deployment and add additional applications as desired. Whether you have a single building, or manage multiple sites, JENEsys is cost effective and is ideal for any size/type of building or campus environment.

Why JENEsys®?

The JENEsys Building Operating System enables you to better manage your facility at peak performance levels—providing you with smart, secure, and efficient solutions to both connect and protect your building’s assets. Discover how Lynxspring can meet your bid specifications for your next building retrofit/legacy project or new build project.

JENEsys® Portfolio of Products

Check out our multiple open and versatile portfolios of products (below) that are sure to fit your specific use case. To access additional technical documentation on the complete line of Lynxspring JENEsys® controllers, drivers, modules, and more log into your Lynxspring Resources Partner Portal.