Intelligent Solutions

Lynxspring’s intelligent solutions are fully customizable to fit your specific use case. Our solutions provide the connectivity, control, integration, interoperability, and data access, management, and analytics required to extract insight, value, and outcomes from a building’s operational data. We provide you with an open choice in hardware and software to better operate commercial facilities at optimal efficiency and savings.

With over 20 years of industry expertise and domain knowledge, our team of Niagara-certified project managers, application engineers, developers, trainers, field technicians and technical support team are here to meet your needs through every step of the building integration process. Providing smart, secure, and efficient solutions, Lynxspring helps connect and protect your building’s assets via a unified dashboard of multiple building automation systems and energy management systems.

Increasing productivity, efficiency, and maximizing the use of valuable resources are the main goals of any organization. Disparate systems have converged and are becoming complex and integrated, and this often results in overlooked efficiency strategies and an increased risk of network security breaches.

The long-term drivers for Lynxspring’s success remain our horizon-to-edge-to-enterprise strategy combined with a continuous roadmap of developing and supporting open technology, open solutions, and comprehensive consulting services that make buildings and equipment smarter. This IoT roadmap accelerates the convergence and integration of operational and workplace experiences through hardware, software, applications, and tools via a horizontal Niagara IP architecture. This topology supports connectivity and communications at the horizon, the edge, and the Cloud—supporting system(s) and equipment integration and interoperability, and the access to valuable operational data and the real-time management of it.

With Lynxspring’s decades of expertise and pulse on the building integration market, we are strategic about our development of smarter solutions across multiple applications. We are also better equipped to be flexible as the market continues to evolve and are fast to market with the new innovations in our technology, services, and solutions that we offer you.

Lynxspring Customizes the Right BMS Solutions that Tailor Fit Your Desired Results

We continue to deliver on our promise to connect, communicate and integrate across the built environment with a range of initiatives to simplify the customer experience and help companies achieve wins that deliver measurable results.

Our vision is centered on interoperable open hardware platforms, open software, and applications that increase our existing product portfolio, extend value and functions to our IP portfolio of programmable equipment controllers, deliver data normalization, expand the offerings of our JENEsys Edge® brand of Niagara controllers, and smart expansion our ecosystem of alliance partners.

Lynxspring provides turnkey edge-to-enterprise (E2E) solutions, that connect, access, monitor, control, and translate real-time, operational data into actionable and meaningful data.

The solutions address key performance indicators (KPI’s) and optimal workflows, delivering data-driven insights to facility managers and corporate management. Such operational results increase workplace performance, efficiency, savings, and optimization.

  • Portfolio of Programable Logic Controllers: Edge devices and gateways built on open platforms with REST API’s supporting multiple applications and protocols.
  • Connexxion®: A data management and visualization engine that combines edge and Cloud data extraction, aggregation, normalization, tagging, integration, rules, application management for real-time, operational and energy information analytics.
  • Edge-to-Enterprise (E2E Services): A pre-defined data acquisition, data curation, and visualization platform for use with standardized data sets and applications. E2E connects Niagara controllers (JENEsys Edge controllers) to Lynxspring’s Cloud service to the contractor and user for a variety of solutions including inventory, alarms, version control, controller status and other data points configured for the user.
  • Edge Visualization and Mobile Web Apps/Drivers: Access to a family of available drivers and existing applications and applications supplied by you including, but not limited to: Work Order Management, FDD, Tennant Billing, Predictive/Preventive Maintenance, Remote Monitoring, and Network Monitoring.
  • Phased Implementation: Our solutions can be phased-in to meet your specific priorities and budget. Because each component is open and separate, each can be integrated or rolled out individually in a series of phased implementations.

Lynxspring Recognized for Ease of Plug-and-Play BMS Solutions

Lynxspring (PRNewsfoto/Frost & Sullivan)

Lynxspring has created solutions from the perspective of the client, for the client. Lynxspring’s solutions are truly plug-and–play. By greatly simplifying the building automation systems information architecture communication and control, Lynxspring can deliver value far ahead of the industry standard.