Smart Building Use Cases

Lynxspring’s Smarter Building Innovation is Changing BMS Control Integration

As the built environment continues to evolve, Lynxspring continues to develop technologies, advance innovation, and increase product offerings that provide scalable, interoperable, and cost-efficient solutions. By employing open standards, protocols, and licenses across building management systems and energy management systems, Lynxspring allows multi-vendor interoperability via a convenient, single dashboard and in a cybersecure environment.

Our effective solutions provide building owners with true integration and support and system integrators with a complete set of tools and resources. Lynxspring’s software, hardware products, and value-added applications, as well as our Professional Services, Niagara certification training, and award-winning Technical Support teams, deliver powerful, reliable, and easy-to-manage solutions to thousands of our customers.

Our expansive expertise fits virtually every segment of the commercial building integration marketplace including office buildings, casinos, convention centers, government facilities, military bases, data centers, national banks, hotel chains, airports, manufacturing plants, hospitals, healthcare clinics, major entertainment venues, retail space, convenience stores, NFL stadiums, restaurants, churches, K-12 schools, universities, energy utilities, telecommunications, grow facilities, and wineries.


Furthermore, we continue to deliver on our promise to connect, communicate, and integrate across the built environment and create an IP operational infrastructure that simplifies your building automation experience and provides you with measurable results. Lynxspring is making this happen via packaging our smart technologies with our smart equipment portfolio of products and providing you with better energy management and unique use case solutions for successful deployment of your smarter buildings.