Commercial (Office/Tenant)

Office buildings today are equipped and operating with a wide range of systems and devices that control HVAC, energy management, lighting, security and more. The integration and interoperability between these systems is critical in maximizing operations, lowering costs, and achieving the security and occupant experience demanded in today’s dynamic office environment.

Recent health concerns have necessitated numerous changes and challenges within the built environment. Building owners, system integrators and building automation solution providers are seeking ways to accommodate new mandates and requirements. Evolving health protocols for safe building occupancy has caused an increased focus on smarter ventilation systems including regular indoor air quality monitoring (IAQ) and occupancy awareness.

Businesses are now looking to install, improve or upgrade their indoor air quality systems. Constant 24/7 monitoring of ventilation, filtration, and air flow distribution also requires a centrally managed energy portfolio to track increased energy usage and identify efficiencies.

The challenge of getting these diverse systems that speak many different protocols to connect and communicate with each other and to the enterprise has been an enormous barrier. That is until now.

Benefits of Integration with a JENEsys Edge Niagara-Based Solution

  • Improve Your Facility Operations
  • Reduce Your Energy Consumption
  • Enjoy Greater Control, Manageability and Security
  • Extend the Life of Your Existing Legacy Control Systems
  • Improve Your Building Performance and Equipment Efficiency
  • Select the Features You Need and Choose the Products You Want
  • Eliminate the Complexity of Siloed Building Management Systems
  • Integrate Old Systems with New Standards-Based Technologies
  • Lower Your Operational Costs and Expenses
  • Increase Occupant and Tenant Satisfaction
  • No Vendor or Manufacturer Lock-in

JENEsys Edge® Building Operating System

Lynxspring’s JENEsys Edge® Building Operating System streamlines all areas of your commercial building’s operations. Addressing such challenges as energy management, maintenance, and facility usage, JENEsys Edge delivers a proven solution.

Lynxspring’s JENEsys Edge® portfolio of products—powered by the Niagara Framework®—combines remote data access and analytics, connectivity, interoperability, supervision, control, and dashboard visualization and analytics into a single architecture within an open, scalable, modular, and cybersecure environment. JENEsys Edge supports a variety of applications with the flexibility of common API’s, development tools, open access, and an open hardware platform. Our edge-to-enterprise technologies incorporate IP-enabled software frameworks and modular embedded hardware platforms that support multiple protocols, data exchange and analytics, and two-way communication.

The JENEsys Edge 534–N4 enables you to access data from different sources, make it consistent across multiple applications, have more capacity, offer higher levels of data processing and increased storage capabilities, and add a level of command, control, and security. In fact, the JENEsys Edge® 534 also satisfies all IT Security testing requirements for the General Services Administration (GSA).

The JENEsys Edge Building Operating System, powered by the Niagara Framework, is the ideal open, turnkey solution for single site buildings or even a multi-building campus environment. During the last twenty years, Lynxspring has worked with a network of over 350+ Niagara certified business partners.