Helixx® is Lynxspring’s custom-built, Linux-based, open-source, embedded operating system (OS) that simplifies connectivity and communications of equipment, devices, and sensors. It is lighter, faster, stronger, and safer than its Debain OS predecessor.

Providing all the capabilities needed for the server-side of an IoT/IP architecture, and reference components for the device layer, Helixx is designed for functional configuration that ties everything together for rapid development and deployment. The Helixx stack delivers data collection and control in real-time: device-to-Cloud, device-to-device, and to the edge of a network.

Helixx can be deployed on any controller (including application-specific controllers), sensor, programmable/non-programmable HVAC equipment (i.e., chillers, air handlers, boilers, heat pumps, compressors, generators, or roof top units), and embedded control systems for commercial facilities. It also may be deployed on bridge devices and protocol translation devices for food service equipment, lighting systems and edge devices such as data pumps, aggregators, loggers, and gateway devices that connect, collect, secure, filter and process application logic at the edge of a network.