Onyxx® LX DPT V4

Pressure/Velocity Transmitter

The DPT-V4-LX is X is a high-precision, maintenance-free high-pressure/velocity transmitter. The MEMS transmitter offers very high precision and stability at low-velocity levels. An LCD display is included for easy setup and troubleshooting


  • The DPT-V4-LX is a high precision, maintenance free high pressure/velocity transmitter.
  • This “MEMS” type transmitter offers very high precision and stability at low velocity levels.
  • Allows pressure reading (0-1 in. water/0-250 PA) or the velocity.
  • Liquid crystal display of the pressure or the flow in real time (with the conduit surface)
  • New dust segregation chamber technology eliminates servicing.
  • Easy and intuitive installation and configuration
  • Configurable output: 0-10 Vdc/0-20 mA or 2-10 Vdc/4-20 mA
  • Multiple units available: Pressure: "H2O_PA, Velocity: ft./min. M/sec, Flow: CFM_L/sec
  • Removable screw terminals
  • LED indicators for mode and status in the event of connection issues
  • To order use part number: DPT-V4-LX