Energy Utility Provider

A major energy provider wanted to put into practice what they preached when it came to energy efficiency and lower energy use at their urban, 700,000 square foot, 22-story office tower. They also wanted to build a supportive, healthy, productive, and creative work environment for their employees.

Selected for its ability to integrate diverse building systems and equipment, Lynxspring technology and solutions are connecting multiple systems and equipment within the facility. Data received on temperature, ventilation, and energy is helping to create a smart building that uses less energy, is more efficient and has lower operating costs.

One challenge was deploying an infrastructure that was flexible enough to accommodate future changes in design criteria. The hardware and software required neutral data and point information allowing for an integrated layout and installation.

Since initially occupying the building, the company has exceeded the original target of 60% energy savings. The building is saving the company $15 million in annual operating costs resulting from energy efficiencies, productivity improvements and co-location of employees and other design features.