Intelligent Equipment

Today, many building automation systems are now equipped with an assortment of smart equipment including Niagara controllers, MS/TP BACnet controllers, HVAC controllers, programmable logic controllers, VAV controllers, IAQ sensors / Monnit sensors, thermostats, lighting, security, and a variety of other disparate automation control systems. Our purpose-built portfolio of edge-to-the-enterprise products including JENEsys®, JENEsys Edge®, Onyxx® and Onyxx® LX provide a powerful gateway to meaningful, accurate, and real-time data management of your building automation systems (BAS).

Recent years have demonstrated the growth in the digital transformation of smart buildings and the evolution of IoT, AI and IP in the built space. Seeking higher levels of building performance and energy efficiencies—direct digital controls (DDC controls)—streamline the ability to remotely monitor energy usage trends and manage a building’s HVAC control systems, mechanical or electrical systems.

New indoor air quality (IAQ) mandates have further accelerated the need for building automation and smart technology. Businesses, building owners and facility operators were underprepared for the enormous task and sudden change in building dynamics requiring new upgrades or retrofits to their legacy ventilation systems.  Lynxspring’s smart equipment allows you to not only better manage your building’s energy consumption, but its indoor air quality as well.

Lynxspring BTL-Certified Products

A trusted partner in both retrofit/legacy-type of projects or brand-new construction projects, Lynxspring’s edge-enabled products connect smart equipment for easy daily monitoring of a building automation control system’s performance. Check out our open, scalable, BTL Certified, made in the USA, intelligent products including JENEsys®, JENEsys Edge®, and Onyxx® LX.

The Importance of Gathering Data at the Edge

Some of the data analysis needs to be done at the device and equipment level on a network. The edge is where these assets are optimized and the data to be gathered and utilized reside. Pushing all the data from all these assets into the Cloud or elsewhere is too costly and time-consuming.

When it comes to devices and equipment that can reside on the edge, there are several. Equipment such as roof top units (RTUs), air handler units (AHUs), fan coil units (FCUs), boilers, chillers, plant-level controllers, meters/sub-meters, sensors, thermostats, HMIs, security cameras, gateways, cellular routers, wireless access points, field devices, and lighting are all great examples. Edge computing is well suited for many machine-to-machine and IoT applications. With an assortment of product lines to choose from, Lynxspring is a great source to seamlessly control, manage and monitor your smart equipment and systems.

Lynxspring’s Portfolio of Intelligent Products

Check out our open and versatile product lines (below) that are sure to fit your specific use case. To access additional technical documentation on Lynxspring’s JENEsys®, JENEsys Edge, Onyxx®, Onyxx® LX controllers, drivers, modules, and more, please log into your Lynxspring Resources Partner Portal