Onyxx™ 4G LTE Cellular Router

Lynxspring’s Onyxx™ 4G LTE Cellular Router supports bi-directional communication, secure remote access, and exchange of data among today’s smart buildings, energy management systems and machine-to-machine applications.  Designed for simple set-up, installation, and commissioning, it includes a wireless modem interface allowing instant communication upon startup.

Lynxspring has conveniently packaged our new easy-to-configure cellular router and 4G connectivity on a virtual private network (VPN), with the reliability, coverage, security, and simplicity of a wireless data service plan essential for today’s building automation and integration. Coupled with Lynxspring’s Private Wireless Network and our Easy Data Service Plan enables collaboration in an IoT environment between smart systems, edge devices, smart equipment, and Cloud services. The cellular router is designed to forward IP-based traffic to any device that provides reciprocal IP interfaces. The signal strength is displayed on the UI and on the physical device. Developed to be a drop-in or an OEM equipment deliverable product, Lynxspring’s Onyxx 4G LTE Cellular Router provides remote access and data acquisition and enables you to:
  • Remotely monitor/control meters, pumps and valves in any energy, utility, commercial or industrial application.
  • Instantly connect equipment at remote point-of-sale locations, temporary installations, or retail operations.
  • Access to building and energy assets via a secure VPN.
The Lynxspring Private Wireless Network is a secure cellular connection to systems, devices and equipment using industry-standard Ethernet communications over a segregated and private network. The network supports 4G LTE. The private wireless network offers you a simple and trusted data transfer solution for your new Onyxx 4G LTE Cellular Router offering you coverage, speed, and reliability. Different from a public network-based, open, and static IP modems–our Private Wireless Network is purpose-built for data traffic–avoiding the inherent risks of the public internet, malware, and viruses.
  • NOTE: The cellular router works with the Lynxspring Private Wireless Network powered by Verizon. It can work with other Verizon networks, but Lynxspring does not support these other networks.
  • NOTE: The cellular router has been designed for a controlled environment. The box is not weather-tight and should not be installed in harsh environments without being mounted in a water-tight enclosure.



  • LTE Bands B4 (1700), B13 (750)
  • Download: up to 10 Mbps
  • Upload: up to 5 Mbps
  • Ethernet is standard.

Carrier Approvals

The Onyxx 4G LTE Cellular Router and the JENEsys Edge 534 4G LTE have both been tested and approved for deployment by Verizon.


  • FCC 47 Part 22 & 24, Complies with FCC47 Part 15 Class B. Industry Canada, CE, RoHS Compliant, Class 1 Div. 2.
RF Exposure/Specific Absorption Rate (SAR):
  • This product has been evaluated for SAR and meets the FCC Guidelines for exposure to radio waves.
  • FCC Equipment Authorization ID: QIPELS31-V
Onyxx 4G LTE Cellular Router BMS Controls Left

Onyxx 4G LTE Cellular Router BMS Controls Left

Onyxx 4G LTE Cellular Router BMS Controls Front

Onyxx 4G LTE Cellular Router BMS Controls Front

Onyxx 4G LTE Cellular Router BMS Controls

Onyxx 4G LTE Cellular Router BMS Controls Right