Private Wireless Network

Lynxspring has developed a secure, high-speed, high-capacity, segregated Private Wireless Network and Lynxspring’s Easy Data Service Plan that supports today’s smart systems, edge devices, intelligent equipment, and machine-to-machine applications. The Private Wireless Network grants you easy access to your systems, devices and equipment using industry-standard Ethernet communications with all the coverage, speed, and reliability you need.


Ensuring the security of your wireless network is paramount in today’s world. Lynxspring is committed to providing you with a secure network. The user interface is password protected. The device sits behind a virtual private network (VPN) to ensure data security. The Private Wireless Network infrastructure ensures connections are secure and data transmission is encrypted to support integrity across the network. You can trust that your data is safe. Different from a public network which is based on open and static IP modems, Lynxspring’s Private Wireless Network is purpose-built for data traffic only, avoiding the inherent risks of unsolicited traffic from the public internet, malware, and viruses. The Lynxspring Private Wireless Network also delivers the larger bandwidth capability that you have come to expect on private networks.


  • Fast & Easy Deployment
  • Better Control
  • Enhanced Access & Coverage
  • Customizable
  • Redundancy & Automatic Backup
  • No Time-Sharing
  • High-Capacity Access at Low Cost
  • Network Availability
  • Proven Technology

Lynxspring’s Easy Data Service Plan

Smart systems, edge devices, intelligent equipment and machine-to-machine applications are characterized by a diversity of use cases and business models. The Easy Data Service Plan is designed specifically to meet those high and low volume data transmission needs and is scalable. As you identify new requirements, you can quickly provision additional routers for connectivity. The data service plan provides an ideal, cost-effective solution for businesses that require reliable, secure wireless data communications and delivers many benefits including:
  • Easy Set-Up & a Pre-Defined Site Address
  • Easily Provision Devices (activate, suspend, or cancel)
  • Tier 1 Provider Reliability
  • Manage Aspects of Your Easy Plan Through a Single Platform
  • Affordable Plan, Billed Monthly
  • No Early Termination Fees
  • A Group of Devices Can Pool Data for Consumption Averaging
Lynxspring offers a simple data service plan that suits your situation and your applications. There are no restrictions on the number of devices you can connect to the same plan. The plan features up to 1 GB per month with incremental, affordable data usage rates available. You only pay for the data you use.

Expected Speeds with this Service:

Minimum: 144 Kbps – Maximum: 4 Mbps

You can monitor and manage regular data usage on your Onyxx 4G LTE Cellular Router via monthly customer usage reports that are provided with your monthly invoice. Automatic alerts will be generated once you are at 75% usage of the specific usage rates outlined in the Lynxspring Easy Data Service Plan Agreement. Unfortunately, you cannot designate a pre-determined cap for your data usage to prevent overages. No cap is available. Alerts are provided and additional costs may be incurred as data usage exceeds the usage rates outlined under the Lynxspring Easy Data Service Plan Agreement. Review the Terms tab prior to purchase.