7 Inch Android™ Touch Screen Display

Lynxspring’s TSD 7 is a high-definition touch screen color display with kiosk mode for local feedback and control for a wide range of HVAC, lighting, energy, commissioning, troubleshooting, servicing and IoT user experiences. It is compatible with all JENEsys controllers, Onyxx devices and most web-serving controllers and IoT devices, regardless of manufacturer or protocol (including Niagara N4). Designed for optimal performance, the Lynxspring TSD 7 utilizes an advanced processor to integrate a powerful graphical engine that displays most any webpage, including advanced HTML5 visualization pages. It is ideal for managing operating parameters of systems, such as monitoring, obtaining values, equipment, and system status, and viewing alarms. With its web-based graphic design and visualization interface, the Lynxspring TSD 7 creates and delivers interactive graphical user interfaces and an optimal user experience for building owners and facility managers. For system integrators, the TSD 7 can easily self-program and store specific scenes depending on different scenarios. The intuitive, easy-to-use unit is priced to match the economics of small installations or multiple display points in larger installations enabling smarter, faster decisions to drive both operational and efficiency savings.


Field-proven, the Lynxspring TSD 7 with a built-in power supply, is a perfect solution for easy wall mounting (with included mounting kit), panel enclosures or as a graphics viewer for web servers for convenient access wherever it is needed. In addition, WiFi or Ethernet installation is also available (WiFi can be disabled). Its unique mounting architecture reduces installation time, complexity, and cost.


  • Modern, multi-touch display with a powerful processor embedded high-end graphical engine
  • Ideal for navigating in highly demanding, responsive HTML5 web environments.
  • Sleek design that delivers a customizable user experience
  • Communicates over IP for speed and fast response.
  • WiFi (can be disabled) or Ethernet.
  • Preloaded Visual Interface
  • Includes Kiosk Mode
  • Can be further enhanced via BajaScript.
  • Chrome & Firefox
  • Wall mounting (mounting kit included), panel enclosure or as a graphics viewer for web servers.

7 Inch Touch Screen Display

7 Inch Touch Screen Display

7 Inch Touch Screen Display

7 Inch Touch Screen Display Mounting Kit