Investment in Intelligent Technology

Open Systems. Open Protocols. Open Standards.

Smart commercial buildings have become complex ecosystems creating a built environment that needs to be more adaptive, comfortable, efficient, productive, secure, and healthier than ever. Control systems need to have the ability to collect data, analyze it, predict challenges, and respond to changing conditions—translating a building’s operational data into real-time and actionable information.

Lynxspring’s intelligent technologies deliver connectivity, integration, remote access, data tagging and normalization, and analytics all via a unified platform. The data architecture is also simplified across the entire enterprise, significantly lowering costs, and enabling building owners to manage facilities and equipment at peak performance levels.

Bas Diagram

We empower you to deploy optimal energy and facility operational strategies, capitalize on accurate building data, analyze energy usage and trends, reduce consumption and costs. Our technologies support a variety of applications and development tools, providing you with open access, open hardware, and customized solutions to fit your unique smarter building use case.

Strategically partnering with other intelligent technologies—Lynxspring provides you with one-stop-shopping for a complete building integration solution for your specific building project(s). With modular, embedded hardware and a data ingestion and a management engine that supports multiple protocols, two-way communications, and data analytics, our smart building technology provides you with the valuable real-time insights that you need.

A truly innovative technology, a highly customer-centric market strategy, and a deep understanding of the smart building space have provided Lynxspring with a distinctive edge in the market. With its forward-looking strategies, commitment to quality, and proactive leadership in supporting the industry, Lynxspring has established itself as a leading support partner.”



Lynxspring Applauded for Customer-Centric Innovative Technology