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Lynxspring’s award-winning Technical Support team provides technical expertise and assistance for all the solutions, applications, and services we offer exclusively for our Lynxspring Business Partners.

Our team has extensive domain and industry knowledge, skills, and technical field expertise that is well equipped to handle any issue no matter how big or small. As a result, you can be confident that our team will find the answer for you.

Lynxspring’s quality of customer service and support has directly impacted our comfort level and decision to further invest in our business partnership with Lynxspring.


3,000 Support Tickets/Year

3-Minute Average Response

37-Minute Average Resolution

We have been a Lynxspring partner for over 10 years now. We appreciate Lynxspring, their technical capabilities and products, but most of all the great, long-term relationship. Great products, great support, great partners!


Tech Tip Valuable Reminders
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  • When setting up a Supervisor for the first time, opening the workbench may throw an “out of memory” error.
    • This can be fixed by adjusting the file located in your C:\Users\\Niagara4.xx\JENEsys\etc directory.
    • Modify the highlighted portion of the following line:
      • -Xss512K -Xmx1024M
    • Adjust it to read 1024 (1G), or 2048 (2G), or 4096 (4G) always keeping this in line with your PC’s RAM capacity.
  • If you are having browser display issues with graphics that are not updating, you can clear: Niagara’s web cache in addition to the browser’s cache by connecting to the Niagara controller, right clicking the Station and going to Spy > webFileCache > vFileWebCache > Clear
  • Occasionally a station may throw an error that it has “exceeded global capacity” for reasons related to devices or points. A helpful Niagara tool can be accessed for your device and point tally of a Station by right clicking the Station > Spy > Metrics.
  • This screen will give you a current count for the components in your Station. If you find yourself arguing with this component count, try rebooting the Station and force Niagara to perform a recount. Show them whose boss. It is helpful to note that the metrics count will increment but if points or devices have been deleted, it does not decrement the count and must be rebooted to collect a new count.
  • If circumstances arise where you are working at a site and do not have Platform access to the controller you are working on, remember, the Application Director output can be viewed through the Station > Spy > stdout. This is not a dynamic view and will need to be closed and re-accessed to refresh the output. Also of note, there are several Spy pages that will afford you Platform level information such as moduleManager, sysManager, etc.
  • Have you ever needed verification of your serial ports or wiring information on a Jene 8000? Try installing the HardwareScanService through the Software Manager of the Platform as well as the software module associated with your device, reboot the device, and look at your Station > Config > Services > Platform Service > Hardware Scan Service. Voila! An identifier of ports and connections associated with your device.

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[Lynxspring Technical Support] was very helpful in getting our issue resolved. We compounded a problem and the whole team jumped in to get us back up and running on a VERY time sensitive job. [Lynxspring] stayed engaged all the way from figuring out what our problem was to fixing and what to do in the future. Can’t thank them enough!