545 Wyn an Upscale Miami Commercial Office & Retail Space


Construction completed in 2020, 545 Wyn is a 298,000 square foot dual upscale retail space and Class A office building located in Miami’s Wynwood Art District. Designed with modern and open office spaces, 545 Wyn is a ten-story structure with over 26,000 square feet of retail space, a 10,000 square foot park, and also includes on-site covered parking, an indoor/outdoor recreation area, private balconies, and a fitness center.

In addition, electric metering is provided for enhanced monitoring of each tenant’s individual energy usage. 545 Wyn provides its tenants and occupants with an environmentally friendly and responsible footprint in today’s modern workplace arena.


  • Unique floor plans and shared outdoor spaces.
  • Single building operating system managing the entire building.
  • Maximize energy efficiency and reduce operating costs.
  • The Niagara Framework specified as the control’s integration platform.

Mechanical and Electrical Control Requirements

This building project required a scalable solution connecting and integrating the various manufacturers’ products. With a real-time building data infrastructure and 24/7 internet-based monitoring of building controls, this building has alarming capabilities to alert maintenance supervisors of equipment failure. This single-source solution provides graphics and easy access to the building’s data. A local system integrator that had significant domain knowledge, technical support, and the service capabilities was also required to reassure the building owners of quick remediation when needed.

As the building controls system integrator for the project, Smart Buildings Solutions implemented the Niagara Framework® via Lynxspring’s JENEsys Edge 534® controllers. These controllers delivered the connectivity, integration, command and control, and monitoring needed of multiple systems and equipment. Providing HVAC, temperature, lighting, ventilation, air flow control, and energy consumption—Lynxspring’s products and solutions helped to create a smarter building.

Smart Building Equipment Integrated

  • Lynxspring’s JENEsys Edge 534 (13)
  • Lynxspring’s JENEsys PC 8000 JENE/JACE (1)
  • Lynxspring I/O Extender Modules (2)
  • AHU’s (11)
  • EF’s (8)
  • HP’s (8)
  • MAU (1)
  • WEB SUP (1)
  • Chillers (2)
  • Cooling Towers (3)
  • Generator Integration (1)
  • CO/NO2 Gas Monitoring (1)
  • Stair Pressurization Systems (2)
  • Refrigerant Leak Detection Monitoring (1)
  • VAV’s Integrated Via MS/TP (120) Common Area


This modern smart building has since attracted several tenants including Apple, Spotify, Live Nation, Google, Kinema Fitness. A variety of upscale retailers and restaurants also have now opened in the retail space.

A central web-based control system architecture seamlessly monitors and manages system equipment and generates needed data insights. Facility managers can determine and choose their optimal energy settings and ensure that all HVAC systems are running smoothly. Individual tenant metering and billing has also been introduced.

Initiating an incident or tenant request ticket the facility management team can now troubleshoot and resolve building issues quickly and better manage the building’s operations cost effectively.

“We chose Lynxspring’s JENEsys Edge® 534 because of its IP and Niagara capabilities and its flexibility to make modifications as needed. The 545 Wyn’s building control system has proven to be a valued solution with respect to managing the building’s operations, equipment performance, and energy management. It has also met the expectations of the building owner as well as the tenants. Lynxspring’s JENEsys Edge controllers and the Niagara Framework have proven themselves dependable and user friendly.”

— Smart Buildings Solutions, Corp.